Daily I’m reading and studying passages and identifying books to help me during my quest– 31 Days of Love. Yesterday I found myself wondering…

Jesus Loves Me by Dana Pittman

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Why in the world did LOVE have to be my selected topic?

I shared a little about my why. However, as I dig deeper I find myself in a deeper hole, not quite sure if I’ve reached my destination.

Today we’ll continue the journey with our passage identified in yesterday’s post. Here’s is where I should probably issue a caveat: I am not a theologian.

I am a woman who loves to read and study the Word.

I am a believer who aims to live my life daily in accordance to the truths within.

I am a woman who loves Jesus and I know He loves me in return.   

I, as an encourager, writer, speaker, hope to encourage others to live life according to our God-given purpose.

Jesus Loves Me.

I believe this is yet another reason why I’m on the love journey. As I engage more with readers on this blog I receive encouraging emails. Laced in your words of encouragement I also find questions, doubts and you reveal your struggles.

I can’t help but look towards God. It’s what I’ve known since I was able to hold a tambourine and sing “Yes Jesus Loves Me”. But the longer I live the more complicated my faith journey seems to become.

Maybe it’s due to my intention to be more than just a Christian on Sunday. This is when I would attend church merely because it was Sunday. Yet my day-to-day life wasn’t “bad” but I do not believe I was a true follower of Christ.

There was a void.

And I, like many women I’ve been privileged to engage with, tried to fill that gabbing hole with my job, my husband, my kids, and anything else that felt good enough to help me forget about the inner aching I was experiencing. Because eventually, those temporary fixes would fall short.

They should. They should fall short because although I love my family and they love me I had given them an order too tall for them to fill.

They can’t.

It’s impossible.

You see, when we place people, careers, positions, etc in the seat in which only God should reside we are asking for trouble. It’s like driving around on a spare donut tire. It is not meant for long-term use.

God created us to be in a relationship with Him.

He created us in love.

Thus, that “seat” is so big and so wide and so deep because God is more than able to fit it just right.

And this is why in my heart I selected love. Although I have been left scratching my head and wondering…what on earth am I doing… I realize the importance of sharing this journey with you.

I pray this will also serve a greater purpose as I write my book. But for now, let’s begin to survey our passage.


31 Days of Love with DanaPittman.com

Love Task

1. Read 1 John 4:7-21 (ESV).

2. Read 1 John 4:7-21 in at least one additional translation. Here’s a few:

New American Standard Bible

New King James Version

New International Version

New Living Translation

The Message

Love Journal

Grab your Love Journal. Now if you’re wondering…Dana what is a Love Journal? Well sis it’s any journal you’ve deemed to allow your heart to seek His face. Which means a spiral, a notebook, a Post-It pad, a yellow-legal pad. What turns this stack of paper into your Love Journal is your intent.

1. What are some of the differences you noticed between the translations? Are there any passages catch your attention? Your heart? Jot them down.

2. Write what the passage means to you. Capture your thoughts.

3. Write a prayer concerning your understanding of how God wants to use this passage in your heart and life.

How He Loves


This is Day 9 of a 31 Days of Love. Read all my posts. Learn more about 31 Days of…community. See you tomorrow.


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