I’m on the 31 Days of…journey. It’s Friday. I have been knee deep in reading and learning more about love. But today is about showing it….

Welcome Love by Dana Pittman


This may seem a little silly but I think of my website as my virtual home. My blog is the living room. As I write posts I’m offering you conversation, thoughts, encouragement, and hopefully a chuckle or two.

All are meant to make you feel … Welcomed


A soft knock on the door causes me to look up from my book. I look around and don’t see anyone to answer the door. I place my book on the coffee table next to my favorite ceramic cup still warm from the coffee inside. I slide my feet into my house slippers and sashay to door.

“Who is it?”


“Me who?” I respond, standing on my tiptoes to see through the peephole.

I look at your face. Today there is a furrow brow that signals me to open the door without question. I open the door wide and step aside.

You cross the threshold and you scan the room as I direct you to my living room.

“Would you like coffee, tea, water…”

You decline.


We take the short journey to the couch. I sit and pat the cushion next to me. I pulled my feet underneath my body and settle into the corner of the couch facing you head on.

With a smile I greet you, “Welcome love, how can I be of service today?”

You relax a little. Eye to eye you respond, “I’m not sure.”

This is normal. “Well, let’s just start at the beginning. Tell me a little about yourself.”


Question: Tell us a little about yourself. Share in the comments.


This is Day 5 of a 31 Days of Love. Read all my posts. Learn more about 31 Days of…community. See you tomorrow.


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5 Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday with Dana Pittman

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