Doors in our lives–both physically and figuratively–represent the fluidity of life. They can symbolize an entrance or exit. They can represent an opportunity or failure.

Doors by Dana Pittman



This week in our continuation of The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn I found my notepad full of wonderful topics to explore. I stared at the blinking cursor for way too long before deciding…yet again…to continue the trajectory of our existing conversation.

Pastor Mike did not speak of doors in this week’s reading. However, I couldn’t shake the concept. After reading I couldn’t help wondering, how are we to know when an opportunity is in fact favorable or unfavorable?

How are we to know the intention of a door, a window, etc whether opened or closed?

I hope I don’t have you scratching your heads wondering the direction of my thoughts and this post. To this query I do not have a definitive answer but I can’t help but consider Jesus’ life.


His Door

How many times was He presented with a door?

Born in a manger in a barn.

Being tempted in the wilderness.

Death on the cross.

I feel like I always find my way back to the question of our perspective. It is our perspective of life that makes the difference.

People who believe in Christ are offered His perspective.

“If we want a clear picture of reality and a clear and accurate understanding
of life, we have to look at it through the lens of Jesus.” P. 81


I believe this with every ounce of my being. Only He knows whether a closed door is in fact meant for your good or harm. Because quite honestly most doors look alike. They function the same. What looks good to one person is a poor exercise of self-expression to another.

Thus, how do we live a life in our “yes” and not in fear?


“Jesus was then, and is now, looking for people who, by faith, will give him
just the slightest chance to make himself known.” P. 79


Our Door

As believers we must believe…

Jesus is who He says He is.

Jesus did what they said He did.

Essentially, we must believe He is the truth and the light. We must believe everything in the heavens and earth are subjected to Him. Because He’s our door.

Pastor Mike said the following:

“Faith would always open the door for Christ to come and stay
with you. Unbelief would always close it.” P. 78


Heavy Stuff

This post is heavy stuff.

It’s the good stuff…and it’s the reality in which I live my life. It’s the reality in which I pray you live yours.

Our identity…

Our questions…nestled in our hearts.

Our doubts…

Our anxieties…

Our work…

Our joy…

Our peace…

…lay at His feet.

I believe we are called to greater lives and works because of Jesus.

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do
good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
Ephesians 2:10


Your Door

  • What doors are you experiencing in your life?
  • Are they open or closed?
  • Are they based in fear or His love?
  • Have you tried Jesus?
  • Have you looked at that door with the lens of His redemptive powers?
  • Have you reached for the knob with His lens of love?


“The story [the gospel] isn’t about what we can do but about
what Christ can do in us and through us.” P. 79



How can we find our purpose…live in our purpose…live in our “yes”…if we do not see ourselves through His glorious lens?

Thus, today, I ask you to look at the doors in your life. Grab your journal. Review your “yes”, your purpose, your fears through Christ and the work He has for you.

And if you don’t see anything ask Him.


“This is how God’s Kingdom comes to earth and how his will is done
on earth. It is done in us. It is done through us.” P. 86


Question: What doors are you experiencing in your life? How can Christ make the difference? Share your response below.


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  1. Heidi Kreider 9 years ago

    Such a timely post for where I find myself this morning. I had to lay it all at His feet yesterday and close the door behind me. Good stuff, sis!

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      I pray it was of help. Thank you for your support.

  2. Pilar Arsenec 9 years ago

    Amen and amen sister!

  3. Katherine Harms 9 years ago

    The imagery of doors is beautiful and quite thought-provoking. We must be wise to recognize the doors Christ has opened. When Christ opens the door, nobody can shut it in my face. Wonderful post!

  4. I have a praise and worship song in my head now.”Did you feel the Mountains Tremble” says this: “Fling wide you heavenly gates, prepare the way of the Risen Lord! Open up the doors and let the music play, Let the streets resound with singing!”
    I am flinging my door open wide. I am walking toward Jesus and I will not look back! Thank you Dana!

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