Welcome JLD and the AWESOME listeners of EOFire!

It is hard to express the fire ignited in me as I’ve progressed through my Freedom Journal. It changed my life and I’m not done yet.

Now to the goodies, I have three offers:

Offer #1: Precious Stones: The Beginning Box Set

EOFire | Dana Pittman | Ja'Nese Dixon Precious Stones | The Beginning Box Set

For $3.99 you’ll get:

(Valued at $9.97)

Before Black Diamond is a collection of shorts based on a few characters from Black Diamond. and Black Diamond and African Emerald are novels. This special box set will not be made available publically until March 2017. But for my EOFire family I’m giving you dibs. 🙂

Files are compatible with most electronic devices (i.e., epub, mobi, etc.).

Talib Kamwi considers retiring when he receives a coveted invitation to join The Concave—a secret society of international crime leaders. He will return to America and compete against Michael Damon, a bishop of a mega-church, to secure the seat. But when Talib refuses to conspire in their plot to systematize sex trafficking he places a loved one in danger. In African Emerald, Talib must abandon his expensive suit and tie, and don the deadly tactics that made him legendary…to save her.

Offer #2: Black Diamond

You get Black Diamond is available for $1.99. (Retail value $3.99).

An undercover investigation against a vicious rebel group, suspected of trafficking conflict diamonds, is jeopardized, FBI agent Camille Blackwell is left with no choice but to trust CIA agent, the infamous Marc Fulton. Together, they must find the rebel leader before he finds Camille. Love, lies, greed, and precious stones fuel the characters in Black Diamond and it’s sure to keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat.


Files are compatible with most electronic devices (i.e., epub, mobi, etc.).

Offer #3: Before Black Diamond

Before Black Diamond is available FREE. (Retail value $1.99).

A collection of short stories about a few of the key characters in Black Diamond. Each story will take you from the CEO of an international to a young African boy. Readers meet the characters before they were left with no choice but to do what they had to do, leaving dead bodies and a half million dollars unaccounted for.

Thank You!

Thank you for visiting. And at the risk of sounding cheesy, thank you for supporting my dream. I purchased the Freedom Journal but the real journey began with a decision. I had to decide HOW I wanted to show up in the world. WHAT was my genius work? And WHY it was important to me?

The Freedom Journal helped me show up for myself and to work daily at making my dream my reality.

I am including this because I figure if you’ve made it this far you are extremely sweet, you are a JLD fan and you are a dreamer too. So here’s my gentle nudge…STOP WAITING AND DO IT.

Ignite my friend!

God bless. Thanks again.

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