I am running on fumes.

I have been overcharged with thoughts, plans, meetings. I am reading, writing, and now I want to sleep for at least a week.

Pretty please…

Dana Pittman | God's Perfectly Placed Pebbles

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It all began months ago. I prepared for my journey to She Speaks. I knew I would have a lot of work ahead: book proposal, two speeches, and preparation of my collateral. However, I did not expect PLATFORM to push my plans into overdrive.

My kids leave for a summer trip giving me time to work without interruptions. I think “okay now I’ll see some progress”. This progress turns into 10 – 12 hours days between my current obligations and my new found confrontation with my dreams.

I write my plans and go at it like a mad woman. And just when I thought I had everything under control I read You Are a Writer (I’ll share more about this book soon).

Can I share a secret with you?

This is all nearly too much for my heart to contain.

I am excited.

I am nervous.

I am sleepy.

I thrilled.

I am…

Prayers Answered?

I am realizing the answers to my prayers where provided before I knew I had the need.

How so?

I needed to reestablish my audience, I knew it. But I planned to do it later. It was easier to work with my clients and place my personal work on hold. The truth about placing my projects on hold is…they have been on hold for years. Almost 10 years to be exact.

Now, I find myself moving at warp speed–well, at least in comparison to dragging my feet for nearly 10 years.

Yet, I want to pump the brakes.

Slow things down.

Scream UNCLE… Because I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s all a perfectly crafted blessing or I’m being Punk’d.

The people I need, are appearing in my life. The time to work is present. I have ideas, too many to count. However, my cautious twin (my alter ego…that only takes calculated steps) and cold feet begin to jump into the equation. They pin me to a corner. They ask questions I hate to hear like…

Who are you?

Who said you could do that?

Let’s hold off until…

Then Hope Surfaces

A white light of hope surfaces… It’s usually a light that only I would recognize.

The light, causes me to slowdown and see this situation for what it’s worth.

It’s a blessing.

You see, sometimes I feel like “Hansel and Gretel”, from the children’s fairy tale. The one where the kids are led deep in the woods to die but they leave a trail to ensure they know the way out.

I am theoretically in the woods. My trees are To-Do Lists, laundry, meetings, errands, and such. My trees are distractions that may cause me to forget that my situation and my current circumstances are in fact a blessing.

I, unlike Hansel and Gretel, did not think to leave a trail to find my way clear of the trees. My intent was to hack one tree at a time until my forest ceases to exist.


Instead God shines a light. A light that gives me the kick I need to continue on this journey.

This particular light is a kindred spirit.

I believe He knew I would work, work, and work. I would work until the work is my focus and not the dream.

To-Do Lists and Tasks are funny like that. They can have us fooled. We can forget that they are not the goal…the dream is.

Thus, I had a connection with this kindred spirit. She and I are so similar. Our brief conversations allowed me to restate my dream. I shared my Whys. I left the conversation feeling the connection with my dream and not the weight of the chains caused by my task-oriented alter ego.


I know He sent my new sister to free me from my frenzy to once again connect with the truth.

He has, once again, provided the trail of pebbles needed to see clear of the forest.

My friends, isn’t this how life gets us off track? We fail to see clearly because we are caught up in the immediate. We are lost in our day-to-day lives that we just can’t image He would want to use little ole me. We get so busy being busy that we lose sight of the goal.

Know, beloved, God will not lead you where He does not intend to sustain you. If your work is what He has called you to, look for your trail of pebbles or a light. Let Him once again ignite your dream and see it to completion.

Free yourself by looking for God’s perfectly placed pebbles in your life.


Question: What helps you stay focused on your goals?

  1. Wow. This today, my friend, this is my “wow” moment. This is God nudging me to keep plugging away, waiting for the next pebble to surface, so I have a place to land. Thank you for sharing this! 

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Thanks and You’re welcome. :o) I look forward to following your discovery.

  2. Pilar Arsenec 9 years ago

    Very encouraging!  I’m excited for you friend!

  3. Jamie H 9 years ago

    What a great post.  Glad I came to visit your blog! 🙂

  4. Jennifer Bias 9 years ago

    Love your blog! 🙂

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