I had plans for today’s post. But like my original ideas it too will be moved to the side as I share a quote from today’s sermon at church.

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This coming week I believe we will really get rolling. Writing everyday has taken a slight adjustment…okay maybe not a slight one but a HUGE adjustment. LOL

However, I appreciate your comments and the message I’ve receive whether via email, in person or in the comments.

Today at church Rev. CJ talked about tests in life. Then she said this quote:

You need to be intimately acquainted with the promises God has for you, because sometimes that is all you have.

I knew she was speaking to us.

You see, I believe this quote helps summarize why spending time in the word is so important. Because to embrace our God given potential we have to know what He intends for us.

We have to know the promises He’s made. We have to know, that we know, that we know. He is a promise-keeping God with a plan for us.

Life will get us down.

GOD has a plan.

Life will let us down.

God HAS a plan.

Life will throw sucker punches.

God has a PLAN.

Life will try to deceive us.


But what is a plan if you don’t know it?

How would we know our lives are rigged? How would you know how much you are totally loved and adored? How will you know that our adversary can lie and deceive but he is still DEFEATED?!!

It’s in there.

It’s all in there.

Day 4 | Jeremiah 29:11| DanaPittman.com

God bless.

Your Spiritual Midwife Dana Pittman




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