This weekend I had some time to look at my Top Posts for 2012. This was my first year of blogging on a regular basis. I still have a lot to learn but I’m having a blast and I’m eager to see what 2013 will bring to us.

My Blogging Review for 2012 by Dana Pittman


Today’s post will highlight my Top Posts in 2012 based on (1) My Favorites, (2) Google and (3) WordPress. Enjoy!!!

Top 10 Posts (Just because…)

I didn’t number the posts because I’m not placing them in any particular order. It was already extremely hard to narrow my favorites to 10. I’m sure I missed a few others favorites…oh well

Insulting God
Activate Your Faith
Connect the Dots
Create in Me a Clean Heart
Feeble Attempts
God’s Track Record
God’s Perfectly Placed Pebbles
Momentum Killers
Seeing Beyond the Visible is a Choice
They May Never Get It


Top 5 Posts (according to Google)

1. I Deleted My Facebook Page
2. Read the Bible Change Your Life
3. They May Never Get It
4. My Dreams Don’t Give a Hoot About My Buts
5. Insulting God


Top 5 Posts (according to WordPress)

1. Read the Bible. Change Your Life: Bible in 90 Days Week 1
2. 2 Questions to Stay the Course: Bible in 90 Days Week 2
3. Bible Reading at Warp Speed: Bible in 90 Days Week 3
4. Saturday’s Sister to Sister: Friendship
5. Finding Your Blogging Voice


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QUESTION: Do you have a favorite post from 2012?




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