Every year I use the last two weeks of the year to rejuvenate my mind, body and spirit. My days are full of reading, playing games with the kids, cleaning (smile)…it’s a vacation of sorts. At the top of my list is revisiting my annual goals. I assess how I did, what I should have done, my praise reports, my successes, my failures…and so on.

Anyway, this year I’m adding something new to the mix after stumbling onto a blog called Grit and Glory. I read several posts and my heart was drawn to the suggestion to consider embracing one word in the new year. Just one word to reflect upon. To strive toward.

She calls it a “non-resolution resolution”…

I have prayed over my decision. Should I participate? What word should I plant in my spirit? Pray over? Commit to?After careful consideration, I am going to do it! I plan to blog about it periodically throughout 2011, Lord’s will. Anyway, do you want to know the word? 

I’ll announce it January 1, 2011. Now you come back you hear…. LOL!


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