I’m sure you all hear the crickets chirping. I’m getting caught up, racing to meet deadlines, preparing for a summer book tour, and sooooo much more.

But that’s not the reason for today’s post.

One Word 2011 Dana Pittman

As I read during the Bible in 90 Days challenge, I notice that I’m more reflective. Almost everything around me seems to go nuts. However, I have a peace that is indescribable. 

Today, after I finished reading I took a few minutes to think about all that God has done in my life. The many blessings He has given me and He asks very little of me. Yet, I find myself wondering…when…

When is it all going to make sense?

When am I going to feel as if I’m in that sweet spot in life that reflects the peace I feel inside?

I climbed out of bed and decided to leave it to Him.

Life is not about being safe…

I then received an email from Lysa TerKeurst and He showed me that life is not about being safe. It’s not about getting comfortable. I have a job to do and if my life gets too cozy then I should really get concerned.


Because I’d be dead or stagnant. And I pray that I am neither because I have too much to do.


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