Introduction to Bible Study

Introduction to Bible Study - Book of James

I am skating on thin ice with this declaration to post weekly. But know that I am still at it. 😉 My greatest conundrum is what to share in this space. I am asked and emailed many questions, however, I’m not certain what I plan to post. Therefore, in...

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My Thoughts, Process, and Tools

I shared in my last post my entries from my first week of Bible Journaling. In this post I want to share a video and a few reference links. I have been asked many questions after posting pictures. I’m no pro but I can share with you what...

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Bold and Courageous

Love Changes Things by Dana Pittman

There are times in our life when we have to stand and press ahead. We are called to be bold and courageous. To trust and be faithful with our calling. Let me explain…   Can’t see the video? Click HERE to view online. REFLECTION Where in your life...

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Whispers of My Heart

Whispers of My Heart by Dana Pittman

My emotions are on overload. I’m happy, excited, nervous, giddy, elated, nervous…wait I said that one already. This week I’m readying for She Speaks Conference. I leave tomorrow as we drive from Texas to North Carolina. This has been an exciting journey. But at the top of my list...

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Success Barriers

Dana Pittman at She Speaks Conference 2012

I am bumping this post for one week. I am working on the collateral for She Speaks Conference. This encouraged my heart today. I hope it helps you as well. It will also help if you read They May Never Get It. Enjoy! This is an entry in my...

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