Life is about experiences. Some good. Some bad. The sum of them is what makes our stories unique.

My story began long before experiencing my roles as wife, mother, career-woman. But I always pressed to accomplish a long list of goals seeking to satisfy an unnamable desire I’ll call “happiness”. For years I struggled to find “balance” in my life and the more I pressed the more elusive my quest became.

As an entrepreneur, I set out to learn and implement the skills necessary to break through the chatter in my mind and unruly heart to emerge a stronger Christian, mother and wife. But along the way I realized the task seemed so lofty because it is hard work and the greatest challenge is when one seeks to do it alone.

Seeking wise counsel is key and not just any counsel but one who is willing to stand on the greatest source of our strength, encouragement, confidence and belief, the Bible. And that is the basis of the services provided on

As a result, I pray every word and action on my part toward you inspires, educates, and encourages you to LIVE. Not a tapped out, over-processed, under-loved, colorless life. But a life where you find yourself smack dab in the center of God’s will and experiencing the joy in relation with Him. Because it is your unique expression of life that will light the world.

Our story for His glory.

My Biography

I have worked in business development and marketing for more than 15 years. In 2007, I married my love of books and marketing under one roof. I specialize in taking clients from a story idea to the finished product (i.e., print, audio, and electronic books). Now, I spend part of my time coaching and consulting with clients—writers, nonprofits, ministry leaders, speakers, consultants, and small publishers—wanting to increase their audience by publishing. The rest of my time is devoted to ministering to women.

On paper, I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and management from St. Edward’s University and a juris doctor degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law from Texas Southern University.

I am a published author of three stories and dabble in graphic design. I enjoy writing, reading, crafting and running—whenever time permits. I reside in the Houston, TX area with my husband and children.

Fun Facts via Pics

My husband…



Our bunch…and YES we have a house of teenagers and a bossy dog.



I’m a Texas girl with Okie roots.


I love to creating…I crochet, knit, and quilt. All of which my daughter deems “old lady habits”.


I’m a runner, mostly half marathons and I’m currently training for my first marathon, although I cringing at the thought of running 26.1 miles.

Dana Pittman | Runner

I create content in many forms. Video



Broken by Dana Pittman

…and the stage

Dana Pittman | Sermon Topic: Remember Me

And now I’m blessed to help others explore and live on purpose too!

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