"Use what you have to get what you want." – Bishop TD Jakes

I heard this statement and I paused. I thought. I wondered is he talking to me. I have been encountering books, sermons, people each edging me closer to this place. The place of preparation. The place of ready to step out and walk in faith.

This is not the first time. But doesn't every leap of faith feel like the first time. It feels fresh, raw.

I'm counting from 3 to 1. On one, dare to leap with me.





Yes, I am starting this fundraiser. I took that statement to heart. I am using what I have to hopefully receive what I want. I want to have an opportunity to be trained by Ken Davis and Michael Hyatt.

I believe I have a message to share. I plan to use my writing and my voice. Thus, I can't sit and wait for permission…not I have to jump and believe in the One who holds all things in His hands.


Will you help me?

Have you read a single sentence of this blog and thought…wow, she's talking to me… or how did she know that…

Have you heard me teach or speak and have the spirit of gratitude wash over you?

I believe it's God's presence and my obedience. But obedience comes at a high price. …Rejection.

Fear would tell me "Who do you think you are?"

But destiny has me saying "I'm God's daughter."

As His daughter, I believe what He has for me is for me. However, I must do my part. I will leave the results at His feet.


I'm Offering Me…

My request for assistance is a little different this time around. I am not a nonprofit organization. I cannot offer you a tax deduction. However, I can offer you what I have.

I have years of experience helping people. People like you. People like me.

I have pooled my experience and tossed it into a powerful blender and produced…the Best of Me Fundraiser.


Best of Me Fundraiser with DanaPittman.com


Basic Details


Start Date: September 1, 2012

End Date: September 30, 2012


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The fundraiser has several parts to it. I will list them. Click on each to learn more. Each page includes an introductory video from me and more information about the offerings.


Have a Question?

This page was meant as an introduction. Have a question? Submit it. I will respond. Also, check back. I will be updating this page as more information becomes available. Thank you!



I emailed my students and clients. I am elated to share heart through their eyes.


From Prayer Shawl Recipients

Wrapping my girls in the shawls is a tangible reminder…

Dana's prayer shawls are beautiful, yet sturdy enough for even my little one to enjoy! Wrapping my girls in the shawls is a tangible reminder of wrapping them in my prayers and of how secure they are in God's love. I especially love finding my little one wearing hers while she's asleep.

Jennifer Janes

…the manifestation of God's love…

When the prayer shawl was offered to me I immediately knew it was the manifestation of God's love through it because it represented His answer to my prayer requesting a source of comfort and peace, a 'touch point' if you will, as I had been going through a difficult time in my work for Christ.

And what can bring more comfort a peace than a prayer shawl dedicated precisely to that intimate communion with God: Prayer.

Every time I place my prayer shawl over my shoulders to commune with God, I am instantly filled with a peace that defies definition and a sense of comfort that only God can provide. I am grateful for this unique gift not only for God having inspired the hands that knitted it but for allowing His Holy Spirit to infuse this prayer shawl with His Presence of peace, love and comfort.

Thank you Dana for being inspired to work with your hands and your spirit to bring the manifestation of God's love to my life.

May God continue to bless you and your family beyond your expectations.

Submitted by Steven

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From Coaching Clients

Driven, motivated, eager, challenging, encouraging…

It has been more than a pleasure for me to work with Dana Pittman with the publishing of my books. She is and will always be considered my "Ram in the Bush" and my "Right Hand". Driven, motivated, eager, challenging, encouraging, hard-working, are just some of the words I'd use to describe Mrs. Pittman and shout loud that these very qualities is what she gets in return out of you whether you are willing or not. She has approached my works with the spirit of excellence and this is why I am so honored to have her in my corner.

Danyelle Scroggins

…she has spurred me on to push through the boundaries of fear

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” Proverbs 27:17 (NLT)

Dana and I just clicked.

Our connection may have been because we have so much in common, including our first names (though mine is spelled differently).

After meeting online through Michael Hyatt’s Platform Launch Team I knew I had to meet her in person. Since we lived within just an hour of one another, I invited her to coffee and the rest (as they say) is history.

In Dana I have found a friend, a mentor, and a coach. As a mentor, she has spurred me on to push through the boundaries of fear and self-doubt and shown me how to become a better blogger and writer.

In areas of faith, when I have struggled, Dana has upheld me. In the area of parenting, she has been my own private cheer section.

Dana realizes women are multi-dimensional beings. There are moments, as women, when we need cheerleaders, and then there are moments we need drill sergeants.

She knows how to be both.

From our first face to face I found myself pouring out my heart to her, and soaking up the wisdom and the love she was pouring out onto me.

She has the uncanny ability to cut to the heart of the matter, tell it like it is, and love you through the transition from spiritually pregnant with purpose to realizing your purpose. Somehow, at the end of it all, you thank her and God for the experience: even the “labor” pains.

My life has been made richer and my purpose honed to a sharper point because Dana Pittman came into it.

Dayna Bickham


Thankfully, Dana Pittman is here to help!

In the world of self-publishing, effectively promoting your finished work can be more daunting than the actual writing of the book. Thankfully, Dana Pittman is here to help! With wit and wisdom, Dana came alongside me and guided me through my first virtual book tour. Dana's competence and detail-oriented vision helped make my virtual book tour a success. She is a direct answer to my cry for help and I am so very grateful for her wisdom and guidance. I would highly recommend all new self-published authors spend some time learning from Dana.

Heidi Kreider

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From Bible Study Students

My Faith and Trust in God Has Grown…

“Since my donation to Proverbs 31, in support of my sister Pastor Dana Pittman, my Faith and Trust in God has grown to a level that I sometimes have a hard time believing. When fear, anxiety, fatigue and worry comes my way, I call on my Father and He never disappoints or abandon me. I have conquered many challenges that would not have been possible if I had not trusted and counted on our Father. It’s as if once I sit down in the area that I have set aside to spend time with God He just shows up before I even start praying!!!”

Submitted by Roshun R.


I highly recommend…

“I found Dana Pittman to be a Bible teacher who encourages discussion with her thoughtful questions and direction with her well-prepared lessons. I looked forward to our weekly conference calls eagerly as we studied the story of Ezra. She was always as quick to handle the inevitable glitches that arise when using technology as she was to pray for the concerns of her students. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to experience an intimate and exciting Bible learning experience sign up for any of Dana’s classes.”

Submitted by Tracy Revalee

…Eagerly shared the Word of God…

“Awesome, inspiring, witty, friend are a few words I’d use to describe Dana. I had the pleasure of participating in Bible study lead by Dana which was a treat! She eagerly shared the word of God followed with thought provoking questions and dialogue. It was a fun time in the word.”

Submit by Princess G.

…Helped us learn the truths and principles of God’s word…

“…Your graceful yet confident leadership helped us learn the truths and principles of God’s word in Esther. ; Also, I appreciate your style and availability. Your preparation was evident and helped us learn. … I am looking forward to another opportunity to study together and thank you again for everything.”

Submitted by Janette

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From Publishing Related Clients

…push pass their comfort zone…

Both professional and knowledgeable, Dana Pittman is the epitome of what an editor and literary advisor should be. Her experience in all aspects of the literary world is a testament to her knowledge and ability. I have worked with Dana for several years. Her editing style is unlike any editor I've ever worked with. Her insight into my work and ability helps her to push me to be the absolute best. As a content editor, I believe it's important to be able to see beyond the story, to help the author push pass their comfort zone and into an area of greatness and Dana possess this ability. Her attention to detail helps beyond simply editing, it fosters character and story development giving you the tools to evolve and grow as a writer. Thank you to Dana of Nia Promotions for the countless time and effort put into my work. The information, direction and expertise is priceless.

DeiIra Smith-Collard

I would highly recommend…

I recently competed writing my first book and was looking for a firm to help me publish my book. Dana Pittman has a wealth of knowledge concerning the publishing process. She provided information and guidance throughout the process for the eBook as well as printing the paperback version and print on demand. Her skills with cover design are excellent. I gave her the general concept, and the result was impressive. Needless to say, there are a lot of details to consider when publishing a book. More than I knew before I started, but Dana kept the process moving forward. I would highly recommend Nia Promotions for new writers.

Timothy George


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It's Over…But Just Beginning

[Update on October 1, 2012]

The fundraiser is closed. I did not reach the amount needed to attend the conference, however, I have some wonderful people support me. The contributions made will go toward my site and work ahead. You'll hear more via my newsletter and blog.

I was contacted by some of my students and "fans" on Facebook wanting to still contribute. I am adding a donate button. As a reminder, I am not a nonprofit organization. Thus, anything you contribute is accepted as a token of love.

Contributions go toward my site and continuing the work nestled in my heart. Thank you in advance.





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