I’m no longer afraid of my calling.

Before working with Dana, I struggled with moving forward in my walk. You know, putting some ‘works’ behind my ‘faith.’  In Dana, I found an accountability partner, a spiritual mentor, and a true co-laborer in Christ. Through her Get Right Girl Retreats, I have truly learned to ‘bloom where I am planted.’ I’m no longer afraid of my calling. Instead, I embrace it. I am so excited about new opportunities to write, speak, lead, and serve.  My deliverance is directly connected to Dana’s obedience.

Kim C. | Houston, TX

Dana Pittman, The Spiritual Midwife

…client beware…

It’s not often that God will connect you with someone who was purposed by Him to ignite a fire and restore drive in you, but that’s exactly what He did when He connected Dana and I. Her work ethic is phenomenal and she made me reach beyond my normal and caused me to believe….I was purposed to do exactly what I am doing. Working with here was a soul searching, challenging in the most excellent way ordeal and I would certainly tell anyone who desires to reach their maximum level of strength to consider working with Dana. She will twenty question you to death….haha….or at least until you, yourself believe the answers that you are giving wholeheartedly to be your truth.

My work as a publisher was birthed through our sisterhood, friendship, mentoring, and working relationship and I would not trade or give back the hours spent with her drilling, challenging, pushing, fussing, and literally dragging me into success. I honestly believe she is called to help others discover their purpose, and to perfect their faith in God and in their ability to achieve what He has planted in their hearts. So yes, I would graciously recommend anyone who is traveling through life uncertain as to which road is for them or maybe someone who is on the right road but have been detained by a bump or pit in their road to find Dana Pittman.

The only advisory I would give is….client beware, she is the perfect connection between you and your goals, but she is armed with knowledge and will not stand for excuses, failure, or laziness!

Danyelle Scroggins | Pastor and Author of His Mistress or God’s Daughter |

Dana Pittman, The Spiritual Midwife

 …she has spurred me on to push through the boundaries of fear…

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” Proverbs 27:17 (NLT)

Dana and I just clicked.

Our connection may have been because we have so much in common, including our first names (though mine is spelled differently).

After meeting online through Michael Hyatt’s Platform Launch Team I knew I had to meet her in person. Since we lived within just an hour of one another, I invited her to coffee and the rest (as they say) is history.

In Dana I have found a friend, a mentor, and a coach. As a mentor, she has spurred me on to push through the boundaries of fear and self-doubt and shown me how to become a better blogger and writer.

In areas of faith, when I have struggled, Dana has upheld me. In the area of parenting, she has been my own private cheer section.

Dana realizes women are multi-dimensional beings. There are moments, as women, when we need cheerleaders, and then there are moments we need drill sergeants.

She knows how to be both.

From our first face to face I found myself pouring out my heart to her, and soaking up the wisdom and the love she was pouring out onto me.

She has the uncanny ability to cut to the heart of the matter, tell it like it is, and love you through the transition from spiritually pregnant with purpose to realizing your purpose. Somehow, at the end of it all, you thank her and God for the experience: even the “labor” pains.

My life has been made richer and my purpose honed to a sharper point because Dana Pittman came into it.

Dayna Bickham | Blogger and Author | 

Dana Pittman, The Spiritual Midwife

…backed with Biblical truths…

I knew I couldn’t go it alone. I felt stuck and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel- though I knew it was there.  I contacted Dana because she is the quintessential go-getter, she walks the talk and that was important to me. Her tough questions have challenged me to dig deep & be honest with myself about what I really want. Since working with Dana my thought life has changed, and I am less overwhelmed about  taking action.  Dana is the real deal, she provides practical tools backed with Biblical truths that when applied will help and inspire you.

P.G. | Coaching Client

Writing & Publishing

 …complete one stop shop…

Both professional and knowledgeable, Dana Pittman is the epitome of what an editor and literary advisor should be. Her experience in all aspects of the literary world is a testament to her ability. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dana for close to ten years, and I’ve experienced exponential growth as a result of her guidance. Dana has taught me to be a true story architect by demonstrating different techniques to better lay the foundation of my stories, tips on how to  build believable three dimensional characters, and coaching me to maintain my voice yet pushing the envelope of my ability.

Dana has created a full suite of services that offers a writer the development needed to stay relevant in the literary world. In addition to her literary services, Dana possess an expertise in graphics and marketing. She understands what it takes to build a best seller, from cover art, to the written word, Dana Pittman offers a complete one stop shop for those wishing to do the work and excel as an author.

I appreciate all that I’ve learned from Dana, and look forward to all that I will continue to learn from such an excellent publisher, editor and mentor.

DeiIra Smith-Collard | Author and Graphic Designer |

Dana Pittman, The Spiritual Midwife

…the technical side of electronic publishing…

As a novelist and editor, I concentrate my creative effort on words … writing them, revising them, making sure they tell the story in the right way. But,  when it comes to the technical side of electronic publishing, formatting text, and working with graphics, I call on, and refer clients to, publishing guru, Dana Pittman.  She gets the job done, quickly, easily, and professionally. I highly recommend her services.

Anita Bunkley | Editor and Author of Emily, The Yellow Rose |

Dana Pittman, The Spiritual Midwife

…for new and experienced writers…

The decision to write my second book was made easier knowing that I could rely on Dana Pittman to assist me through the publishing phase of writing.  Dana guided me through the publishing maze with my first book from cover design to printing.  I am especially pleased with her cover design creativity.   She is very knowledgeable on every facet of issues you might face while finalizing your book for release. Although, I had been through the publishing process before I continued to learn from Dana on how to improve my book.  She is patient and always ready to answer questions as you work your way to the finish line of seeing your book in print.  I highly recommend Dana Pittman’s publishing services for new and experienced writers, and I will definitely use her services again for my next book. 

Timothy George | Author of Awaken and The Dagger |

Dana Pittman, The Spiritual Midwife

Thankfully, Dana Pittman is here to help!

In the world of self-publishing, effectively promoting your finished work can be more daunting than the actual writing of the book. Thankfully, Dana Pittman is here to help! With wit and wisdom, Dana came alongside me and guided me through my first virtual book tour. Dana’s competence and detail-oriented vision helped make my virtual book tour a success. She is a direct answer to my cry for help and I am so very grateful for her wisdom and guidance. I would highly recommend all new self-published authors spend some time learning from Dana.

Heidi Kreider | Writer, Social Media Storyteller |

Bible Study Students

I Highly Recommend the Virtual Bible Study

“As we learned in our recent study of John Part 1, time and distance has no bearing on the purposes of God. He moves in our lives when we seek Him.  The virtual bible study allows believers, who are seeking the truth of God’s word, to come together and discover truth for ourselves.  I know our lives can be fast paced and it can be hard to find time to study.  It fits perfectly into a busy schedule!  I highly recommend the virtual bible study.”

Janette C.| Bible Study Participant

Dana Pittman, The Spiritual Midwife

…a Bible teacher who encourages discussion…

“I found Dana Pittman to be a Bible teacher who encourages discussion with her thoughtful questions and direction with her well-prepared lessons. I looked forward to our weekly conference calls eagerly as we studied the story of Ezra. She was always as quick to handle the inevitable glitches that arise when using technology as she was to pray for the concerns of her students. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to experience an intimate and exciting Bible learning experience sign up for any of Dana’s classes.”

Tracy Revalee| Bible Study Participant

Dana Pittman, The Spiritual Midwife

…Helped us learn the truths and principles of God’s word…

“…Your graceful yet confident leadership helped us learn the truths and principles of God’s word in Esther. Also, I appreciate your style and availability. Your preparation was evident and helped us learn. … I am looking forward to another opportunity to study together and thank you again for everything.”

Janette| Bible Study Participant

Dana Pittman, The Spiritual Midwife

My Faith and Trust in God Has Grown…

“Since my donation to Proverbs 31, in support of my sister Pastor Dana Pittman, my Faith and Trust in God has grown to a level that I sometimes have a hard time believing. When fear, anxiety, fatigue and worry comes my way, I call on my Father and He never disappoints or abandon me. I have conquered many challenges that would not have been possible if I had not trusted and counted on our Father. It’s as if once I sit down in the area that I have set aside to spend time with God He just shows up before I even start praying!!!”

Roshun R. | Bible Study Participant

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