A seed of an idea was planted in me many years ago. I’d like to share what God has done in my life with women like me…stifled, strained, living robotic lives. I’d like to share His freedom. It was merely a thought. Unbeknownst to me, this seed was growing.

Do you know what happens to a plant that outgrows its pot? The roots begin to push until they can find a way out. If there is no way out, the plant will stop growing. No matter how much you water and care for it.

What seeds have been planted in you? Do you want to start a ministry? Do you want to return to school? Do you want to serve on a mission’s trip? Do you want to sing in the church choir?

Comfort in Your Shade by Dana Pittman on Encouragement Cafe

However, much like an outgrown plant, you too will need to be repotted if this seed has outgrown your current place in life. This tends to cause us to worry–to fret. To allow the how’s and why’s and when’s to keep us planted where we feel safe…and comfortable.

We remain in our comfort zone.

Dear sisters remaining in our comfort zones may cause us to cease to grow. The current scenery maybe nice but I came today to present a thought to you. Just one thought.

Who is waiting to find comfort in our shade?  Continue Reading…


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