I sit back at my computer looking at a blank page, but my observation sheets are full of color and questions. I feel it is necessary to remind you that these daily summaries are not the end of my “study.” I think it is more of a space to chew on what I’m reading. 

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With that said, today I read the assigned verses and jotted down notes here and there reviewing the verses from yesterday. And a thought floated to the surface: context. 

Bloggers say content is king. Well, in bible study context is king. So, I want you to know I haven’t forgotten this vital point. 

This thought became crystal clear when I thought about the hearers and readers of this letter. How would they feel about Brother James’ words? 

Scripture says this was written to the twelve tribes that are dispersed abroad. (James 1:1 NASB) So not only are they scatter but they are foreigners. 

And I’m sure reading Brother James’ letter, suggesting they should consider their present state as joy, was a tough pill to swallow. 

This is my imagination sitting in the middle of the text, and I’m reading between the lines of scripture. But as a person who has traveled abroad, I have first-hand experience with being away from home. I felt disconnected from my loved ones. I felt separated from the life I knew. I felt isolated. 

And none of those feelings brought me to a place of joy. Instead, I found myself sad, uncertainty, lonely, and full of doubt.

And I can’t help but wonder if this is the case for the twelve tribes too.

I am adding…To be continued…here.

It is extremely hard to write daily and juggle life. Currently, I teach a weekly bible study and I attend a weekly bible study. So, the first part of my week is BANANAS! 

In the past, this caused me to quit prematurely or add graphics when my life wouldn’t allow me to give this challenge the time I needed. I love graphics. But I’m not feeling a graphic today. 

I plan to honor my commitment to writing every day in October. But the tired woman in me is hitting the pause button.

I’m pausing and I’m thankful I created a five-day reading schedule. This gives me a little wiggle room to study, teach, and this weekend I am attending a retreat with the women’s ministry at my church.

 So, I’ll pick up with this thought tomorrow. 




Are you reading along with me? Did you stop to consider the dispersed readers? What thoughts came to mind? How do YOU feel when you are away from home? And does it fill you with joy?


Look at today’s post image. What do you see? What experiences do you draw upon to make that conclusion? 

If “context” is king, we could assume the person is reaching the end of he/her journey? Or we can believe he/she is merely taking in the scenery?

Do my observations cause you to see the picture from a new perspective? If so, how do you see the picture now?


We’ll keep moving ahead. As always, I pray this post finds you well and you’ll join me again. 

I am studying and blogging through the Book of James for 31 Days. You’re invited to join me or follow along. To learn more about Write 31 Days visit www.write31days.com.

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