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You know the drill. I'm back for another Five Minute Friday. I've been lost in the sauce. (smile)

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Grace by Dana Pittman

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(Am I making you wish I'd start already?)

Today's Topic: Graceful.


Grace holds a variety of images in my mind. I think of unmerited favor. I think of white lace. I think of how ungraceful I feel in every form of the word.

Grace to others would be understanding people don't always do what I'd like when I'd like for them to do it.

Grace in life would be sitting up straight and wearing dainty girly shoes.

I live in a remixed existence.

I extend "grace" but with an eyeroll.

I wear nice jean and a cute top with old dusty running shoes.

I'm constantly relying on grace. Grace from above. Grace from others.

Grace from Him to see beyond my faults and love me.

Grace from others to see I'm merely human.

But in all my intentions are good…

If only I didn't rely so much on grace.


I am already gringing at the "eye-roll" part. But I will leave it. Because I am a work in progress. Thankful for…grace.


Question: Where can you extend grace? Please leave your thoughts below.


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5 Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday with Dana Pittman

  1. Felecia Clarke 9 years ago

    You should rely on grace extended by others and from above … how else do we continue to grow if we don’t receive grace for our foibles?
    Course now that I’ve visited your blog, I’m equating grace with overflowing jelly beans so I’m off to the store! 🙂
    So happy you’re on my block this week ~ it’s nice to meet you.
    May your weekend be filled with grace,

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      How true… And save me some. I love the red and purples jelly beans. 😉

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