I am you. I am merely at another stage, another day of life...

I am you. I easily share my pains and laugh at my stumbles…

I am you. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me. I ran until I could run no more…

I am you. I don’t quite get it some days. How you could love me…. Me…

I Am You by Dana Pittman

I am you. I am mommy, and wifey, and sister, and daughter, and … and … and …

I am you. I look at my list of To Dos and sometimes I find myself tucked and folded in the corner. Waiting for my slot in #2…

I am you. I love hard. I loved easy. Then I withheld love because it was difficult to determine…”Are you worthy of my love…”

I am you. I grow, I retract. My waistline is something that sets me aback.

I am you. I wonder daily…How.Could.You.Love.Me… But you do…

I am you.


Question: What is one way God’s love amazes you?


* * * * * * * * * * *

5 Minute Friday

This was my first attempt at Five Minute Friday. 5 minutes on the timer. Write. Post. Unedited.

I intend to do it again. Join others writers and link up here.

Five Minute Friday

  1. Jenni Mullinix 9 years ago

    God’s love amazes me in the way He leads and directs my life. It’s completely different than what I expected, but SO much better than I could have imagined in so many ways…

  2. Linda Stoll 9 years ago

    Welcome to this 5 minute community! It’s fun and energizing …
    And I love that God has given you the calling of ‘spiritual midwife’!

  3. Shelly Miller 9 years ago

    Just when we think we are the only ones, He shows us we share all the same joys and struggles. Nice to meet you through FMF.

  4. Leigh Kay 9 years ago

    So happy for your 1st 5 Minute Friday. How your writing sails on rhythm and measure. Wonderful! I love the way you presented “I am you…” Each one had me hanging on, searching to see what you would say. Welcome to our writing prompt community. It was a joy to see your words today. šŸ™‚

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Thank you! I spent so much time blog hopping my tea turned cold. :o) I eagerly await next week’s prompt. Thank you again. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Amy P Boyd - Christian Women's 9 years ago

    I am amazed daily that God chose to love me even before I was formed in my mothers womb. He knew all that I would to betray that love yet He still wants me. Not only does He love but He want to spend time with me and allows me to play a part in His plans for myself and others.

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Sister I agree with you. That is amazing. And yet another display of His love for us. He loves us flaws and all. Praise Him!

  6. Lois 9 years ago

    He never, ever gives up on me. How amazing is that? šŸ™‚

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