Have you ever felt a slight tension in your chest, embedded in the outlining of your heart?

A burning, which holds your heart and the pit of your stomach captive, until the thought of breathing escapes you, only to find the sensation increasing triggering your need for air?

I’m not referencing a real medical emergency. But something equally important.

Devotional Written by Dana Pittman on Encouragement Cafe

The feeling surfaces when you know, that you know that you know it’s time to change your life. That your life just can’t remain the same. That if you allow your circumstances to continue you will be utterly miserable.

What caused the feeling? Is it God honoring? Will it benefit others?

And why are you just thinking about it…and not doing it?

As you read this post I am readying to take a plunge, I’m heading to a conference to pursue growing in ministry.


Who would have ever thought I would desire such a thing? However, it was like I suddenly became uncomfortable in my own skin.

Read the full post on Encouragement Cafe.


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