I am reading and listening to the Book of James. I thought I’d share my personal bibles.

I’ve used these bibles for years, except my She Reads Truth bible. That one is fairly new. I also like reading in several translations. But for the first round of studying, I stick to one translation, which I’ll share in a bit.

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Here are the bibles I use to studying.

I also have the Amplified and Message translations on standby. 

I don’t expect people to have all these bibles. I personally like having them in print to limit the distractions of blue hyperlinks. 🙂 I also appreciate access to the different terminology when I’m wrestling with an understanding of a passage.

For the record, my primary sources for the first round of study are my NASB and NIV. Then I follow up with ESV, followed by visiting the study notes much later in my process. 

The Study Plan

Today, I listened to the entire book and tomorrow I’ll start reading according to the plan. I mark using a mixture of the Precept Ministries inductive study method, The Women of the Word method, and a healthy dose of notation relied upon over the years. 

Feel free to ask questions. I may even post some of my notes. Again, I’ll know more once we make it through this first week. 🙂

I’m off. 


What bible do you use to study? Do you have a preferred translation? If so, what is it?

Share in the comments.

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Write 31 Days | Book of James | DanaPittman.com

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