My daughter had a quick temper. She would go from easy breezy to blowing a fuse in seconds. This bothered us as her parents. But I could recall times even when she was a baby that she would bully her brothers.


Devotional Written by Dana Pittman on Encouragement Cafe


We thought, “it’s her being the little sister”. But as time continued we knew something had to change. We tried and tried. We punished and grounded. She’d do better but then like the times before she’d get really angry at her brother.

I started praying away her anger. I pray for my children but I never quite prayed for a specific situation like that one. I added her to our prayer list at church, as well.

I made the decision to pray it away after one day her coming to me and saying…”Mom, I don’t know why I get so angry.” It hurt my heart and I knew I needed help from upstairs.

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