I can’t believe my last update was during Week 7. Surprised

On every Sunday, I will share a quick summary of my progress toward accomplishing a life transformation in 2013. My original goal list is HERE. Now it’s time for my update.


Week 19

Here’s my list of goals (in no particular order) and the summary of the progress I made:

1. I am going to host my first retreat in 2013. I found the location. The contract is submitted. I am unable to express in words the way I feel right now. The only thing I can say is…I’m so blessed and I thank God for every door He has opened (and closed) to bring me to this place. I have a long road ahead. Stay tuned for the details.

2. I am going to finish writing a book in 2013. I am almost 10,000 words. This week I am setting new deadlines for myself to jump start this goal.

3. I am going to outline the entire bible. 

4. I am going to train for a 2014 marathon. I have registered for my first marathon on January 1, 2014. Yay!!!!!

5. I am going to finish reading 12 non-fiction books this year.

Book #1: Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine by Max Lucado.

Book #2: Live Visioning by Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Book #3: Hour That Changes the World, The: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer by Dick Eastman

Book #4: The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis

Book #5: Born to Win Find Your Success Code by Zig Ziglar

Book #6: Knowing God Intimately by Joyce Meyer

Book #7: Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic

6. I am going to knit a folk shawl. I am still practicing. I have started ordering yarns to test for the shawl.

7. I am going to have monthly one-on-one dates with my husband, son, daughter and best friend. This is one of the best goals on my list. It has been extremely hard to get with everyone one-on-one monthly. But it has been worth the effort.

My last “date” with my husband we went on a wonderful sunset boat cruise. It was amazing!!! My son and I have enjoyed one-on-one time while taking walks. It’s been truly exceptional.

My next “date” is with my daughter for a Mother Daughter Tea. My next “date” with my bestie is to visit some local health food stores and brunch.

8. I am going to actively mentor one woman. The mentoring program is waiting for the green light. I attended a meeting a few weeks ago and plan to let time reveal whether it will work or not. In the meantime, I’m still writing Midwife Minutes to over 35 people (the list is slowly growing). I am also personally mentoring a couple of women.


I have made so much progress. It is amazing to me to write and share. Keep me in your prayers and I’ll do the same for you. God bless!


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What do you plan to do THIS WEEK to make your dream a reality?

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