I was sent a book by publisher. The book is scheduled for release in May or June and it talks about the journey to finding faith of your own. I’m just beginning the book but the thought has always been one close to my heart. I’ve always called it “borrowed faith”. 
[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”center” variation=”deepblue” cite=”Luke 17:5 NASB”]The apostles said to the Lord, ‘Increase our faith!'[/pullquote3]

Borrowed Faith

What is “borrowed faith”? Well, it’s when you see others around you growing in their faith. As you look on you see God’s favor. Whether it’s a healing, financial blessing, peace, joy or any type of breakthroughs you can attribute to his or her faith in God. And as you eagerly look on you begin to believe “if God did it for her then He can do it for me”.

Now witnessing this is amazing. It helps us to learn more and more about our Father. However, wagering on the breakthroughs and answered prayers of others can only take us but so far.

At some point we have to look at our own walk. Or the perceived power behind that blessing loses its appeal.

Does this mean that God is not good? No, He’s still good.

Does this mean that the blessing is less real? No, it is very real. However, I’d like to believe that the power in it is much more real to the direct recipient than a spectator. [pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”center” variation=”teal”]”Yes He Is” moments are the ones that get us through the tough times.[/pullquote3]


“Yes He Is” Moments

For example, as a child I loved the congregational song that said…”I know God is a good God…” and the church would sing “Yes He is.” This would go on and on. Tambourines clanging. Clapping hands. Tapping toes. Rocking bodies. All attesting to the goodness of God.

My heart would like to believe that each person as they sing has a story in mind. A time that God showed His goodness. And their hearts are racing at that recall which gives the rise of their voice its melodic tone.

As a child I sat next to my grandmother, with her soft soprano voice not missing a beat. But I had no story. No memories that I could recall.

To me it was a song. A good song that I still love but at that time I had no memories to draw upon. Thus, as time went on and I really needed to have the faith to believe in the goodness of God I would draw a blank.

I had my grandmother’s words. I heard sermons from pastors. I had heard testimony after testimony. But I, Dana, had no “Yes He Is” moment.

Beloved, those “Yes He Is” moments are the ones that get us through the tough times.

When we have more bills than money.

When our children are on our last nerves.

When our hearts are broken.

When we are waiting for God to show us His goodness…once again.

You see, as we wait our past “Yes He Is” moments is what sustains us. And borrowed faith just won’t do.

I am still reading the book anticipating all that the authors will share. As I read, I think of my “Yes He Is” moments and how I began to accumulate them to help me when hope was all I had. Hope…that God would once again show up and show me His goodness. [pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”center” variation=”teal”]And borrowed faith just won’t do.[/pullquote3]

Beloved, this is why I mentor women. This is way I teach. This is why I write. This is why I can tap my toe and sing “Yes He Is”. Because I know…KNOW…God is good. I tried Him. I know Him. I would not want to spend a single day without Him.

I pray you can say the same. And if not…let me know.


Photo Credit Anissat.

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Do you journal your “Yes He Is” moments? If so, how is it helpful? If not, give it a try. And if you’re stuck…visit your bible and search for moments when God told someone to build an altar. 

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