Have you read the entire bible? What about in 90 days?

Well, I tried it a few months ago and I almost succeeded. How did I almost succeed?

The Bible in 90 Days

I started the program with a group at my church, but between my crazy work schedule and my kids weekend activities it made it difficult for me to participate in the weekly meetings.

I did some searching online and eventually landed on MomsToolbox.com. It’s a great website ran by Amy, which focuses on supporting women growing, learning and sharing.

Long story short, I joined a group of women and continued to read. We meet online weekly and we supported each other until the end.

Sadly, I did not finish with the group. It took me about another week or so–since I started after the initial start date. However, I would not trade the experience for any thing.

Today’s post is to invite you to join us. I’m planning to tackle the Bible in 90 Days challenge again…and actually finish in 90 days.

What to join us? Click on the image below and you’ll find more details about the program.


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