Today is my birthday. And it’s a major one. 40. A milestone.

I’ve been chewing on this thought of doing it big for a while. It’s somewhat like an inner mantra. When an idea surfaces and my skin starts to tingle and my heart rate kicks up a notch I whisper…go hard or go home.

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But going hard is HARD.

Going hard is scary.

Going hard is lonely.

Very few people will tell you that. It’s one of the reasons I plan to blog more. So, overlook the errors, misspellings, and such. For my written words here is like a girlfriend chat, where my hands are everywhere and my eyes bulge.

Yeah, I’m that type of talker. When it gets good, girl it is GOOD.

Anyway back to going hard. I’m making a public declaration. This year, my 40th year will be about making moves that make me nervous, make me want to hit the “delete” post button. That make me want to be the best me.

Not perfect.

Just plain ole, loud talking, I’ll hug you to death, Dana.

With that said, TODAY, you can get Broken. You’ve seen it before as “Shattered”. It’s been revised and it’s the prequel to a series I’m writing.

Get ready to see me shake in my shoes while reaching for my dreams, in faith.

Take care my friends.

Broken by Dana Pittman

Serafine LeClaire was lost in a world of poor choices. 

Now grieving the loss of the one person she believes she can’t live without, Serafine thought she had more time to right her wrongs. But once again she was wrong.

Journey with Serafine as she learns to let go and embrace a new life of wonder and endless possibilities.

Broken is an Inspirational Short Story and the prequel to the Loving Ranch series. Read as Serafine uses her faith, gifts and scares to change the lives of others…and herself.

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