I’m sitting to write a blog post after months of endless writing but little blogging. I’ve been away actively pursuing my “right now” goals hoping to pave the way for my “heart’s desire” goals.

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I add the quotations because there is a huge difference.

I add the quotations to give my anxious heart understanding.

I add the quotations to ensure my strategic brain that this is part of the plan.

Right now is part of tomorrow.

I know tomorrow is not promised. But I can’t pretend that tomorrow does not require a set-up. I don’t want to hold tomorrow hostage. But I want to believe my commitment to yesterday and today are important.

As I blog I’m working on three books, my mind is swimming with fresh ideas, and my heart calls to the woman who also wants to pursue¬†this life. Be it ministry, writing, entrepreneurship.

Dear sister, I have advice, tissues, hugs, and cautionary tales. I have long nights, empty Hot Tamales boxes, and stained coffee mugs.

Dear sister, I have stories of hope, and love, and stick-to-it-ness.

But most of all, I have me.

…to be continued…


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