I love the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. I am not a photographer, except my love of snapping pictures on my morning runs and my children. I realize this quote assumes a lot. The greatest assumption is that we all will see what the photographer sees. But how many of you know that appearances can be deceiving?

Change Your Perspective by Dana Pittman

We are well on our way with our confidence series. It caused me to think about my life and why I struggle with godly confidence. My response is a tossup between my faith and trust in God. I believe it is my immediate circumstances that sometimes cause me to doubt.

Have you ever wondered whether God heard your prayers? Whether He realized you are knee deep in mess screaming to get His attention.

Today, I write about Changing Your Perspective but it’s not here… ;)…it’s HERE.

Visit my full post over at A Year in the Spiritual Life.


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 Tandem Series Confidence | Dayna Bickham and Dana Pittman

This tandem series on CONFIDENCE is a joint effort between Dana Pittman and Dayna Bickham. Both Dana and Dayna blog about life, grace, and God’s love and plan for you. To follow this series, visit here to learn more.

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