Can I please, pretty please, have a moment of silence?

I am officially blogging again.

…And the crowd goes…YAY!!!

Don’t give me that look. 

It is hard sitting, staring at a blinking cursor. Your desk covered in ideas but none will render enough clarity to warrant a blog post.


Now that I got that out of the way… :o) I want you to consider comfort zones.

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What is your initial reaction? 




I sit at this desk, behind this computer, holding my breath because my comfort zone is misleading. It would have me to believe that all is right in my world. That everything is just peachy.

But the truth is most comfort zones eventually become uncomfortable.

Somewhere along the way it becomes too small, too limiting, too something for you to call it “comfortable”. It begins to look more like a box.

A restrictive.




I mean, I could be wrong. Maybe it is just me. But I truly doubt it. And you want to know why?

Because I have learned the best days of my life resided outside my comfort zone. 

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What do you think is awaiting you outside your comfort zone? [reminder]


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