I feel as if everywhere I look someone throws the word in and I’m left with one more sour taste in my mouth. As if, it is said by the speaker, author, writer (whoever) for good measure. In the end, it takes on an air of being merely a buzzword and not a vital element of being heard…being successful.

Building a Platform | Platform by Michael Hyatt

Do you have a book, product, business that you long to share with others? Do you find you’ve exhausted your natural abilities and yet you’re still not where you want to be?

In the mist of my love/hate relationship with “platform”, enters Michael Hyatt. I have been a fan of his blog for years. He is one of the blogs that I actually have emailed to me daily instead of delivered into my reader. Thus, on the basis of our existing relationship I was willing to read one more take on “platform”.

To clarify my struggle with the word—“platform”—is just that. It’s not merely a word. It is a concept which determines the level of success an author, business person, organization may have in its chosen sphere of influence.

I Want a Platform

My dance with this concept became more intimate when I realized I built a following or several in separate industries (i.e., publishing, marketing) yet all I really wanted was to build one strong core audience. Wait…I want a platform.


As I engaged in this mental debate I saw an invitation on Michael Hyatt’s blog. He wanted 100 people to join a Platform Launch team. I said a little prayer (yes…Jesus take the wheel kind of prayer) and submitted my application.

Platform Launch Team

A week or so later I received an email…I was invited to join the team.


700+ applicants and I was one of the 100. Little did I know that things would change—for the better—but change none the less.

As a team member, I received an advance copy of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. I sat to read with my normal tools—coffee, pen, paper. I began reading and immediately out the window goes the haphazard use of “platform” here and there. Along with it goes the use of theory and vague language to the extent of frustration.

In its place stood me, wide-eyed, paper full of notes, and my heart racing. I was slightly overwhelmed and fully excited about a new journey ahead.

You see, I have secretly wanted change. I kept it a secret, honestly, because change takes a lot of work. I don’t mind hard work but I have a fairly solid business. Why rock the boat?

Why Rock the Boat?

But my heart…my heart wants more.

It is no longer content with helping people as a sideline event. Therefore, I had to give Michael my full attention.

I Will…

As I read Platform, I have made a few decisions. I will:

  • Be fully engaged
  • Be ready to confront any fears
  • Be ready to jump with everything I got
  • Be read to BE the change I want to see.

When you initially read or hear “platform” what is your first thought? 

  1. heidikreider 9 years ago

    I love this Dana!  I too had issues with the word “platform.”  You do a great job explaining this.  ; )

    Enjoying being on the Team with you!

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Thank you again (for satisfying the nerd in me). I am looking forward to marrying, and implementing, what I know with what I’ve learned from the book. I think it will be a dynamic pairing.

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

       Thanks. Same to you!

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