I did not realize I’d place so many barriers on my life.

I have to workout at this time. I have a schedule for our schedule. Wake up. Go to bed. Sprinting to each and every destination. Rarely taking a moment to breathe, let alone take in the view.

Limitless by Dana Pittman

This summer, I planned to stop living this way. Stop being so focused on tomorrow that I fail to enjoy today.

What would you attempt to do if you
knew you could not fail?
– Robert Schuller

I made this decision for several reasons. The primary reason is to focus inwardly so I have more to give outwardly. I have goals and dreams I placed on the backburner. However, the residual of living in a less-than environment is clinging to an internal aching for that missing piece.

I’d consider a less-than environment when we exist not fully giving ourselves to the tasks at hand.

We short change ourselves on our health. The residual we don’t have energy or feel enthused for life.

We short change ourselves on the job. The residual we don’t receive that promotions or the job we’d truly desire.

We short change ourselves in our relationship with God. The residual we don’t live to the fullness of what He is willing and ready to give us.

Today, Mary DeMuth asked a question I posed to myself (again) last night while journaling…

What would you do if you had no limitations?

If I had no limitations, no barriers (self-imposed or not), I would engage women through speaking and coaching helping them identify and live their purpose.

My summer plans are helping me move closer to this goal:

  • I gave my first sermon (to 1,800+ people);
  • I’m leading the virtual bible studies;
  • I am working on my book; and
  • I am attending She Speaks Conference.

I am…moving closer to my purpose. Thus, I will turn the tables and ask you…


Question: What would you do if you had no limitations?

  1. Lois 9 years ago

    That’s a very good question, one that I really need to think about a lot more! (Wish I could answer it right now, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be accurate.)

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      I would love to know your answer. I’m curious to know why it wouldn’t be accurate though…

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