Have you ever been moving ahead

…excited about your progress

…hopeful for your near future

Then BLAM!!!

You’re swatted like un unsuspecting fly?

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In life we encounter Momentum Killers. These are distractions, kill joys, excuses that cause us to change our pace toward our intended destination.

Many readers of this post are reading the bible in 90 days. On this journey you will find many Momentum Killers. I’d like to name a few for you to place on your radar. And hopefully you are equipped to toss them out the window upon arrival.


Momentum Killer #1:
I Don’t Have Time

Okay, I think I’m known for tackling things head on. Isn’t this our first excuse reason to not engage in an activity?

I want to start a new workout program, but I don’t have time.

I want to start a running program, but I don’t have time.

I want to join the choir, but I don’t have time.

I want to read the bible more, but I don’t have time.

I want to _________________________, but I don’t have time.

So, here’s some tough love…we make time for the things that are important to us.


I am speaking to you and myself as well. As you’re reading this post I’m training for a marathon. Many days I think, I don’t have time but I grumble about soft waistline.

I tell myself (and now you) if it’s important to us we will find a way.

(Keep reading, I’ll share a tip on how to do this at the end of the post.)


Momentum Killer #2:
Over Thinking

It’s easy to sit and think about as issue. Well, not totally easy. However, we can get caught up in thinking, planning, planning and thinking. We’ll look up one day and realize all we’ve done is think about the situation and we’ve failed to do anything.

For my fellow Bible in 90 Days readers, you have the plan…read. Don’t over think it.

For my fellow runners or wanna be runners (smile) find a program and run. Don’t over think it.

For my fellow dreamers write your vision, create a plan for the next step and take it. Don’t over think it.

Which can unfortunately cause Momentum Killer #3 to become an un-welcomed houseguest…


Momentum Killer #3:

How many times have you tried reading the whole bible?

How many times have you tried to read the bible in 90 days?

How many times have you tried a new diet eating plan?

How many times have you heard yourself saying “Honey, I’m really going to do it this time”?

Okay…so maybe I’m pushing a little in today’s post. Let me ask this…

Why wait for later? What will change later that will be so different from right now?

Procrastination will have us saying later when our hearts are screaming NOW!

Don’t do it. Because every day you allow procrastination to win is another day that you are living a less than existence.

If we are anything alike you will acknowledge that we beat ourselves up over procrastination. We wonder

Why am I here yet again?

Why am I always starting over?

Procrastination, among other things, but for today let’s not let it win…again.


Momentum Killer #4:
Keeping Score

Keeping score is when we look at an invisible scoreboard and allow it to dictate our response.

Such-n-such reads a million books in an hour. I can only read one.

Such-n-such is super fast and I’m slow as a turtle.

Such-n-such is a perfect mother and makes homemade cookies every night and her kids are perfect and her husband is a dream and….wait…I had another moment.

Sorry… **wink**

You know how it is. We compare ourselves to others. It does nothing for them or us. We feel like crap and they keep doing whatever they’re doing. We find ourselves yet again doubting ourselves and unable to take the next step.

Run Your Race

I could list a million helpful tips here to address the Momentum Killers listed above. In reality, there are a million of this little jokers hanging around our lives but they all have the same job…

They kill your confidence.

They kill your hope.

They kill your dream.

They have you doubting yourself and others. They leave you stuck. And in the end, they stop you from moving forward.

I believe the best advice I can give you today is run your race.

Run like a race horse with blinders on. Don’t look to the left or right…look straight ahead.

Identify the Momentum Killers in your life as what they are…distractions. That’s it. They are merely distractions. You decide whether they’re successful or not.


Question: What Momentum Killers are distracting you today? Share in the comment section.


* * * * * * * * * *

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  1. Heidi Kreider 9 years ago

    You’re speaking the truth, Sis! Over thinking and keep score slay me every time! Thanks for posting some good stuff… again!

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Good to know I’m connecting with you AND I’m not alone. 🙂

  2. Tina 9 years ago

    Good stuff. Enjoying reading and have actually gone ahead and read a few more pages this weekend. Couldn’t put it down and wanted to know what happens next.

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Don’t you just love that? Reading and looking up to realize you passed your “end point” for the day. :o)

  3. Tina Davis 9 years ago

    See comment below…not sure why it didn’t recognize me from last time.

  4. Mindy McCoy 9 years ago

    I’m here:)

  5. Brooks J. Young 9 years ago

    I’m enjoying waking up at the crack of dawn to read my Bible. It’s been a little tough but I’ve been reading at odd times but its when I receive the most from the Word. Great job! Thanks for keeping me encouraged to continue.

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Brooks, you’re addressing another great challenge…when to read. Finding what works best for you is important to reading on this program. Keep reading my dear friend. 😉

  6. Heather Byron Harness 9 years ago

    So this past week was more difficult, but still on track!

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Praise God! I got you accounted for. Have a blessed week.

  7. Heather Byron Harness 9 years ago

    Whohoo! Still here! I don’t think I have ever kept up with a Bible reading schedule and a workout plan, together or by themselves, for this long. Too bad the physical scale hasn’t budged. Oh well, at least I am growing in consistency. And somehow, now that I am waking much earlier, I am happier and have carved out me time (knit/crochet)! By the way, week 4 was really interesting reading…I was riveted. Praising Jesus for His goodness!

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