We are done. Believers from around the globe decided to read the bible in 90 days. We are done!


Bible in 90 Days with Dana Pittman

Once a Thought

Reading the bible is an important. We all would probably agree with that statement. However, life causes this to be much more like a lofty goal than a reality.

Then tackle on reading the entire bible, in 90 days and you’d probably think yeah right.

Not me.

No way.

You MUST be crazy.

But are we? Are we crazy to want a closer walk with our Father? Are we crazy to set aside 30 – 60 minutes a day to spend sitting at His feet?

I’d agree it’s a challenge. We have to say “no” to some things. We have to shuffle some things. We have to commit to something to have access to everything.


Then a Desire

Then you read a post on MomsToolbox.com, here or somewhere on the web about a group of gutsy women (and a few men) deciding to take the challenge. Reading the bible in 90 days. The thought…the potential…morphs into a strong desire.


…maybe I can…

I could read early in the morning.

I could read late at night.

I could read on my lunch break.

…maybe I will…

Then we go and get a new bible (some of us), which is always fun. Unwrapping the new bible. Flipping through the pages.

Then we get the email with the bookmarks and welcome from our mentors.

Oh this is going to be fun, is what we think.

I have always wanted to do this, is yet another thought bouncing around in our minds.


The Reality

Week 4 or 5 comes and you begin to think…what in the world have I gotten myself into. This is difficult. And the challenges begin to mount again us.

I’m too busy for this.

Who made up this plan anyway?

He must have been nuts…yes, that’s it, he is absolutely crazy to think this is possible.


But is he

No, he is not. You are not loopy for thinking it’s possible. You are not a scaredy-cat for not trying. However, I think we all should at least try it.

Not for brownie points. Not for appearance. But for the opportunity to saturate your life in God’s word. It is absolutely priceless. There is no other experience in my life, to date, that compares.


To My Mentees

Thank you for allowing me to accompany you on this wonderful journey. I pray this has been all you thought…and MORE. I pray this is merely the beginning of being a regular bible reader. Please stay in touch.


What’s Next?

Starting January 2013, Lord’s will, I’d like to read through the entire bible in a year. I would like to slow it down a bit and offer weekly check-ins and schedule periodic discussions about what we’re reading.

The full announcement is coming. If you’re interested in learning more please provide your details:



This is not a commitment. It’s merely showing you’re interested in learning more.

Congratulations to all the readers that completed this round. I’m soooo proud of you! Until next time.

Your Spiritual Midwife Dana Pittman






QUESTION: How would you describe this experience? Any tips you can provide to future readers?



  1. Tina Davis 9 years ago

    WAHOO! Finished yesterday…a few days late but hey, better late than never. Thank you Dana for being a great mentor! I don’t think I could have done it without the accountability. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Yippeee!!! You’re welcome. Congratulations. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

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