Dread filled my mornings. The snooze button was my only ally, it and my husband. I had to make a decision: Practice law or live my dream.

But I had two major problems:

1. We had very little savings and my job had a very nice salary.

2. My dream was fuzzy. I had a few ideas but nothing concrete.

I let my problems overshadow my hope and instead I continued to loathe the sound of my alarm clock. It reminded me daily of how much I desperately wanted out.

I wish I did something smart like read Kimanzi’s book. No, that would have been too much like right. Instead…I walked away.

Don’t try this one at home.

Dreaming with Your Eyes Open by Dana Pittman on Tales at Work

Dreaming with Your Eyes Open

If I had to do it again I’d suggest the following …

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