I had some downtime over the holidays. I spent time with family and I relaxed. But in the stillness I began to reflect on my life and the direction I’d like to take.

Crossroads by Dana Pittman

To this Tuesday I shared several reasons for me being at an interesting crossroad. Those reasons being:

1. I love blogging but… (Read it here.)

2. My vision is clearer but…

3. I know change is good but…

4. I have a dream but…

Today I’ll address #2…vision.


The Vision is Clear But…

In the first post I shared the charge that surfaced after much reflection. Embracing this charge–gives my vision a new perspective. Because my vision is skewed.

I want to be understood.

I want to be heard.

I want to be acknowledged.

Heck, I’ll take a comment or two. 😉 But does this answer the charge….

Be the me He created me to be.

Most days…no. Why?

Because to shape and develop a business, book, ministry, etc most of us will look at others that have been successful within the sphere of where our aspirations lie.

This means if I am a writer and want a bestselling book I will look to the Top 10 lists on Amazon for my genre. Knowing this information is very studious, however, with it comes a host of potential issues or drawbacks.

At the heart of these concerns is if by obtaining this helpful information we find ourselves trying to be like that author. A person who is doing just fine at being him or herself.

This is a concern because we should strive at all times to be the best version of ourselves. Thus the charge. Having a reference point or an example is great when we leave it as that…an example.

But when we are charting new territories it’s easy to veer from the path since the path is not always clear.

The path may be narrow.

The path may be wide.

The path may require some off-road maneuvering.

Which is usually when you may find yourself doubting your direction.

So what do you do? How can you determine to stay the course when things get a little sticky…complicated…scary?

Make yourself one promise….


Stay Present.

Promise yourself that you will stay present in your everyday interactions. That you will stay present and when your world is off balance or your find yourself surrounded by the unknown.

What does staying present mean?

Staying present means focusing on this moment. Right here. Right now. 

Knowing your vision or your plan is great. However, when life happens–and it WILL happen–that plan or that vision gets blurry.

You doubt.

You wonder whether you should adopt such-n-such’s plan.

You wonder whether you ever had the right plan at all.


This is why it is so important to write your plans, your vision, your purpose. And not only should you write it but you should keep it near.

You see when you have your eyes focused on your destination (i.e., your vision) everything else will either fall off or hang on for the ride. In essence it will become a blur and blend within your peripheral view. 

As you focus, the “but“s in our life that try to limit us will cease to exist. Actually, let me rephrase that, they will exist but they will not longer yield a negative influence over us. Not when we keep the main thing…the main thing.


* * * * *

And the LORD answered me: “Write the
vision; make it plain on tablets, so he
may run who reads it.

Habakkuk 2:2

* * * * *


QUESTION: How do you ensure your vision remains clear as you live day-to-day?




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