I sit at the keyboard with a busy mind but a calm spirit. Have you ever experienced a somewhat antsy feeling yet you’re not compelled to move? At least not yet.

Crossroads by Dana Pittman

That is where I am for several reasons:

1. I love blogging but…

2. My vision is clearer but…

3. I know change is good but…

4. I have a dream but…

Let me dive into the details and explain how it all works for our (yes, our) good. Today I’ll address #1…blogging.


I Love Blogging But…

…sometimes I feel as if it does not love me. 🙂 And it shouldn’t, it can’t. However, I am learning to let this blog serve a greater purpose.


The Written Word.

You see, I started blogging with my mind set on having a place for the masses to patron. But I have changed my mind–as we humans tend to do. Better yet I have learned that my greatest desire for this blog is to engage people.

To interact.

To guide.

To love.

In words….

To write and have you excited about seeing “Dana Pittman” show in your Inbox or Blog Reader.







I cry out to God Most High, to God who
fulfills his purpose for me.

Psalm 57:2







The Challenge.

My greatest challenge is to learn to translate the essence of who I am, in person or one-on-one, into words. To convey my heart and purpose in such a way as to give Him the utmost glory and honor. This is a tall order to fill.

Because there are millions of bloggers. Millions of coaches. Millions of speakers. Yet they are not my concern.

I can watch the trends and research the market. I can read books and write articles.  Yet this is not why I started on this journey.

His is.

You are.

And everything between the two.

Thus, whether there is one reader or millions I have settled the order–this hefty transaction–with one charge: Be the me He created me to be.

In so doing I can’t go wrong. It is impossible. I may stumble, I may fumble, but I cannot fail.


QUESTION: What do you enjoy most about reading this blog?


  1. I enjoy your wisdom, you sense of humor, and your delivery. You never slap me in the face, but I always feel the impact of your words. I truly do get excited to see the name “Dana Pittman” in my inbox. I love you and hope you will continue to press into what God has for this ministry and for you. I am praying for you girl!

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      I appreciate your kind words and your prayers. I will keep pressing and look forward to watching you do the same. Love you too.

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