Monday I shared how I was working up the notes from my class last Sunday entitled “Let Your Requests Be Made Known”.

Call to Me by Dana Pittman

Due to it’s length I will share it on Saturday’s Sister to Sister.

For today, if you have a moment consider the places in your life where you are seeking



or maybe even clarity…

Have you called on the Lord?

I know, this may see like a duh… type question (as in, of course I did Dana). However,  it amazes me when I’m asked for advice and I respond with “have you prayed about it” I get the deer in headlights response. Thus in preparation for our conversation Saturday think about this question.

Let’s give you a point of reference to help. Think of the last conversation you had with a good girlfriend. What did you discuss? What advice did you seek from her?

Now in that situation had you sought God’s perspective on your sitatuation? If so, think of a time when you had not. How are the scenerios similar and how are they different?

Share in the comment section or add it to your Love Journal. But either way hold on to your response for our topic Saturday.

Take care loves.

Your Spiritual Midwife Dana Pittman






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