Friday’s are pretty much my day. The kids are in the care of my hubby and I get a little me time.

Having you along on Friday mornings is a HUGE bonus–causing me to do the happy dance–so…will you stay?

Stay by Dana Pittman


The action of staying signals much. We both have made a move toward some common goal…although it may be unknown.

I have extended an offer and you, in staying put, have said “I accept your invitation.”

How many offers have you accepted, whether intentional or not, by you chosing to stay?

I can think of many. Relationships, jobs, are easy to acknowledge. However, what about in our personal lives?

How many times have you stayed home instead of going for that walk?

How many times have you stayed from quiet time with God because you have overextended yourself?

Staying can invoke a warm and fuzzy feeling of sisterhood and love merely in your presence. However, staying can also show us how many times we accept situations because we refuse to chose differently.

In short, make sure your stayings and goings (for lack of better terms) are in fact what you chose.

Your Spiritual Midwife Dana Pittman


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  1. Dana Brown Ritter 9 years ago

    Another Dana! Yay! I enjoyed your post, Dana. I’m in the middle of a big decision about staying or not staying. I appreciate your challenge and your wisdom.

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Hi Dana! I always love doing that…Dana’s are rare. 😉 I am glad to be of help. I pray all is well with your decision process and in the outcome that lies ahead.

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