Reading the bible in community is great. Reading the bible in a quiet space, alone, is unexplainable.

I communicate with my fellow readers weekly. As I receive their replies I’m always thrilled to read the breakthroughs and ahh-haa moments as they make the commitment to read daily.

We have some readers that are ahead, others on track, and a couple behind. But all of them are experiencing one challenge or another as they stay the course. I am so proud of them and expect their lives to be forever changed by this experience.

Are you reading with us? If not, start reading. Pick a time, select a location, and read. You don’t need a plan. All you need is the desire to move closer to God.

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Tuesday Check-Ins


Read the Bible in 90 Days with Dana Pittman

For the readers joining me in the Bible Reading 2013 Tuesdays will be our check in posts.

Today’s Check-In Questions:

How are you?

Past Check-In Posts:



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