This year will be one of transformation. For those of you joining us for the bible reading I look forward to the months ahead.

Read the Bible in 90 Days with Dana Pittman

The Bible Reading Plan for 2013 will be a new experience. We will begin by reading the bible cover to cover in 90 days. This is a bible reading program created by Ted Cooper, Jr.

We are starting with this reading program to ground us. We will spend many hours reading and during this time I would like to submit this thought…”I love you this much…”

When my kids were little we played a game called “I Love You This Much“. We’d fight to see who could stretch their arms the widest, furthest.

I believe we can use this reading experience as a display of God’s love. His words to guide us, to save us, to love us.

Here is the bookmark with the reading plan. You should also check out the Bible in 90 Days website and the plan on YouVersion (to read on you smartphone, via email, and by tablet).

We will check in weekly on Tuesdays. This will carry us through Part 1.

(I’m headed back to bed.)

I hope to be the first to wish you and yours a Happy New Year!!!


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