Now what?!

That is the question I believe you were left asking the computer screen after reading yesterday’s post. I clearly stated we would spend 31 days in the word then I proceeded to basically say, in over a thousand words, “Go study!” 

Did you feel like that?

If you did, I apologize but it was a set up for the days and weeks to come. If you didn’t, I better move on before I lose you. 😉

In today’s passage, Proverbs 1:1-7, King Solomon is explaining his purpose for writing a book full of practical suggestions. He lays it out clearly to the point that today I am going to enumerate most of it.

I, in sharing this passage, would like you to consider it the foundation on which we will build. I believe it shows us why we should study scripture. But before we get to the “why” let’s start with the “where” to begin.

The Passage

Read the passage: Proverbs 1:1-7 (ESV, NIV, and NLT). Pick one or all. You can also pull out your bible and read it. 

The Beginning of Wisdom

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge…” (v 7). 

We never reach a place of knowing all there is to know about God. But this does not mean stop trying. We are to come to our reading and studying with reverence—deep respect—of God. 

We can do this by understanding any revelation or understanding of God is from God and at His determined time. 

He knows more. He is greater. He has the power, strength and might to make anything be as He says. He is God. 

So when I study, I ask for His help. I ask Him to open my eyes, my understanding, my heart. 

I ask Him to move me out of my own way. And to help me see Him clearer.

I ask that my life be forever changed because I know and love Him.

There is much more that can be prayed over your time. But I think prayer is going to help place us in a posture of submission. 

As the student, waiting on the teacher. As the hungry, awaits for the meal to be served.

The End of Me

Okay…I may step on a toe or two here but this must cemented in our foundation.

God is everywhere. In all things. His “DNA” is woven into the fiber of all it means to exist. 

He is the beginning. He is the end. He is!

Therefore, we can never learn enough. We can never reach a point of… 

“I know that story… 

“I know that passage… 

“I know…” And move from being wise to foolish. 

As we read and study God is continually revealing more about Himself to us. Actually, let me see if I can illustrate this a little better, with your help of course. 

Think of the most recent occurrence of “man,” [slapping yourself on the forehead] “I never seen that verse like this. And I know I’ve read it before.” 

Do you have it?

What was it about the passage that became anew?

Did the words change?

Did the people change? 

So what was different, that caused you to have a new revelation of the passage?

My Response: It was you. 

You changed. 

You were more desperate to read a word to help your aching heart. You, needed something to keep you from falling apart. You needed a word, from God and He showed up.

God does not change. But His ability to use everything and reveal Himself seem different although He remains the same.

Therefore, my will is relinquished to His will.

Don’t Be a Fool

As a reminder, today’s passage is shared specifically toward the proverbs shared in the Book of Proverbs. However, I think we can use his direction to assist us as we study as well.

When we study the Word we can learn:

  • How to attain wisdom
  • How to understand what comes our way
  • How to live a disciplined life
  • How to handle our daily lives
  • How to handle situations in a right, fair and just manner 
  • How to judge right and wrong

Furthermore, he encourages seekers of wisdom to keep at it. Listen and increase in their understanding.

But he then states “fools despise wisdom and discipline”. I can explain this many ways but let’s get straight to the point…When was the last time you went to your bible concerning a matter ailing you?


Okay…I think that was a sucker punch. At least for me. If you too felt that poke, you are not alone. But we are in this together. 

My prayer is that at the end of this month we will know without a doubt that the Word is profitable for our lives…every single word of it! And that is should be a part of our daily lives.

The Wrap Up

We will never know it all! We won’t. But we have a choice to live as a wise or foolish (wo)man. 

The wise grow. The foolish withers. 

The wise accept. The foolish reject. 

The wise appreciate opportunities to understand. The foolish have no use for any of it.

Let us draw near to the One who knows and get ready for the blessings to come.

God bless!

Your Spiritual Midwife Dana Pittman

Consider this: According to this post, do you consider yourself a wise or a fool concerning studying the bible? Why? And is there anything you need to change?


31 Days of the Word with Dana Pittman | 2015

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  1. mandy kosmala 6 years ago

    I would consider myself a fool. Like many, I think we get wrapped up and tangled in the world and “forget” or “don’t have time” to focus on whats most important. I have read my bible many times, but i fail to really let the words and meaning soak into my soul. To fully understand what i need to take away from the scriptures. Its like i have a list of things to do and i just put a check mark next to it and move on to the next thing.

    I need to take more time and pride in why i have a continued need to be in the word.

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 6 years ago

      Mandy, you’re coming to some powerful realizations. I hope it helps to know it does not happen overnight. But you can make a conscious effort to shift towards your desired outcome. My questions for you are:
      (1) Do you really want it?
      (2) What are you prepared to do to get it?

      God bless!

  2. 31 Days of The Word 6 years ago

    […] Day 2: Don’t Be a Fool (Proverbs 1:1-7) […]

  3. Princess 6 years ago

    So the other day at work I was agitated & so I did what I often do turn on some praise & worship and drown everyone out. Except it wasn’t working. A coworker stopped by & asked how I was doing & I vented and motioned toward Pandora…that was playing ine of my favorite worship songs.

    And she said, “But are you receiving it? You can listen to the word all day but if you don’t recieve it it does you no good.”

    I’m foolish.

    More time in the word & asking God to help me digest it & apply it daily.

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 6 years ago

      Princess, my sister, my friend…that it!

      It must infiltrate our being. I do believe we can surround ourselves and allow our praise to shift our perspective. But we must live it or its just words. They sound good. Look good. But they will not change us. And we want change because our transformation is what we should desire most.

      Because it is evidence of our relationship with Jesus.

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