Welcome, Sis!

My goal for our time together is to study the Word of God and hopefully you’ll walk away with a study approach that feels doable. But most of all I pray it ignites your desire to dig deeper and spend more time in God’s word for yourself.

I love studying scripture but I’ve only studied portions of Ephesians. I’m so happy to accompany you on this journey.

During our time together, I’m here as your sister, your guide, the facilitator. I’m willing–and you know I am–to show you everything I know. This includes any tips, “tricks”, resources, etc. to help you accomplish this goal.

However, in the end, this journey is yours. Take what you find helpful. Leave what doesn’t serve you. Contribute to the conversations, or sit and fellowship with us on the private Zoom calls.

I only have one requirement and that’s to show up.



Engage with us.

Show up for yourself and your fellow sisters on this journey.

Again, welcome and let’s get to the examples for how I plan to study this week.

Example Week

Day 1: Read

Read (and/or listen to) the entire book of Ephesians. This doesn’t have to occur in one sitting. But Ephesians is a short book and it’s great to give you context for the entire book.

Day 2: Read and Record

Read the current assignment and record (and/or mark) anything that stands out to you.

Look for the obvious like the five Ws and the H–who, what, when, where, why, and how. Then consider:

  • People, places, events, times.
  • Repeating keywords.
  • Words you need to define.
  • Words, phrases, and verses that stand out to you.
  • References to God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit.
  • References to the purpose of the book.
  • And so much more.

Here the goal is: Be inquisitive. Gathering all the facts. This is your license to be nosy. 😄

Also, write down any questions that pop in your head. This will generate a nice little study list for you.

I was taught that observation is the foundation for interpretation. And this is the beginning of how we account for what we read, hear, and see in scripture.

Day 3: Read and Research

I called this “investigate” in the video but couldn’t overlook the opportunity to create an alteration. 😂

Go back to the hefty list you made on Day 2 (or in the previous step because honestly “Day 2” can cover many days, or weeks even). Now dig in. Literally!

This means it’s time to process the content from yesterday.

  • Define the words flagged. I use the dictionary and concordance in the back of my bible.
  • Read referenced scriptures from the cross-references (and we have a nice starting place in the introduction of the She Reads Truth bible). And many bibles have passages flagged in the footnotes.
  • Review maps and other chapters in the book.

Here the goal is to: Let scripture interpret scripture.

Have a question? Find a verse to help you understand the passage better. But don’t read any outside notes. Not yet. Save those for after you’ve learned all you can from scripture on your own.

Keep writing your questions. This will become a running list for you and yet another starting place for digging deeper into scripture.

Day 4: Read and Retell

This is when I start gathering my thoughts.

It’s usually messy. Really messy.

I have lines and arrows darting across my pages. I have different colors of ink and highlights making connections as I get an understanding.

Here the goal is to: Say what you’ve learned in your own words.

Sometimes I digest the content verse by verse. Other times I can craft a single statement to convey the meaning of the chapter. It varies.

The best advise I can give you is to make this your own. Do what you think will help you remember what you’ve learned?

Consider writing as if you’re telling a child the meaning of the verse, chapter, book.

Day 5: Read and Restate

This segment of you studying looks much like the previous except this is where we look at other resources.

  • The original language studies–either Greek and/or Hebrew.
  • Notes in your study bible.
  • Commentaries.
  • Sermons.

Here the goal is: To gain a solid understanding of what the passage means.

What truths does it convey about God? His people? His church?

What truths does it convey about your life as a believer? Your actions? The way you serve? How you communicate?

This is the account of what you’ve learned from your studies. This is also a great place to revisit your list of questions.

Day 6: Read and Reflect

I didn’t cover this in the video. We tend to do this easily but at the wrong point in our studies. But this is one of the BEST times to journal. To sit in the presence of God and reflect on what you’ve learned from your studies.

Here the goal is: To draw near to the Lord.

This reflection takes many forms: quiet time, journaling, art journaling, movement, meditation. Just to name a few.


Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. This is a general guide. Some of the “days” listed above take several days for me. I’m super slow when I study, and sometimes it’s discouraging. But the understanding I gain from my diligent pursuit encourages me to keep going, and I hope these words will do the same for you.

Did you notice “read” in every step of the process? Read every day, even when you can’t study.

Can’t read? Listen.

The more you read the more you’ll see and understand. It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit gives us understanding through repetition. But it happens.

So, even when you only have five minutes, read or listen it will prove fruitful during your studying.

Want to get more from the passage? Keep listing to the full book while you study the individual chapters. You’ll start making connections and getting a real picture of the story the book is telling.

Have more time on your hands? Dig into your list of questions. Start searching scripture for the answers and follow all the steps listed above. Then, as a bonus, revisit your notes from this study and see if your conclusions remain the same.


I think that’s it. Do you have any questions?

We’ll discuss this more during our private calls. But I wanted a written form for you to reference.

How will YOU study Ephesians Chapter 1? Tell us in the comment section.

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