Reading the entire bible, cover to cover, in 90 days so no cakewalk. Today’s devotion is more of an inspirational moment. I am writing for myself and for you…readers.

I’m fortunate to have a little help today…Dory take it away.

I have watched this movie a million times. However, while watching this short clip I can’t help but think of the white light as our goal (completing the bible on, or before, April 2nd).

They look into the light and feel happy, motivated even. Then you see that very…hum…shall I say scary fish emerge. The scary fish zaps their feel-good moment. It takes their the warm and fuzzy moment and replaces it with fear.

So what’s your scary fish? What jumps out at you and makes you forget the joy and accomplishment you’ll feel on April 2nd? Don’t let it!!! Just keep reading. Just keep reading.

I’d sing right now but I really want you to visit again. 🙂


Question: How’s it going?



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