Do you fear writing? What about it scares you?

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My fear was of being good enough. I had some bad brushes with teachers and professors; however, I also had others that encouraged me and pushed me forward. Now here I am, a published author with a few more projects in the works. 

One of my wonderful supporters, and friend, is Milli over at Fear of Writing. I have come to cherish a special friendship.

For writers, or wanna be writers, you should check out her courses. As for today, it is a day of writing. The goal is to write 10,000 words before the clock strikes midnight.

Can I do it?

Yes, I can! But will I…you’ll have to check back later to see. (smile)

CAVEAT: I have participated in many of the 10k writing days. I have yet to write 10k words. However, I find the days so productive that I participate at least once a month. Join me and get your write on!


Question: Are you a writer? What type of writing do you enjoy…novels, short stories, poetry, etc.?


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