I have experienced a whirlwind of a year…already!

School is awesome. I’m reading nonstop. I’m learning so much. I want to be more…

Journey by Dana Pittman

My family is awesome. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary. My son celebrated a birthday. My daughter is…well…herself. 🙂

I’m writing this post from bed. We (my family and I) were involved in a car accident and I’m thankful that we walked away. I’m still sore and finishing the prescribed medications. However, I’m blessed. Everyone walked away from the accident.

This journey we call life is that…a journey. You don’t know what’s ahead. You don’t know what’s around the bend. One thing is certain everyday that we are given should be made for living. Living a life inspired by and to glorify our Savior. And to experience life more abundantly.

I’m off to rest. I have papers to write and books to read.

I’m thinking and praying for you. Make today count!

God bless!



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