I can’t believe Christmas is a few days away. As a family, we don’t decorate or give a lot of gifts. But we do make it a point to gather and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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I’ve heard people get caught up on the unknown of whether December 25 is the actual day of Jesus’ birth and others on the commercialization of Christmas. I’d rather think about it as a gift.

I won’t get hung up on the unknown but on what we know…a child was born.

The birth of this precious little one would change everything.

The birth of this a little boy would implement the greatest plan of all time.

The birth of this precious little baby named Jesus was just for you because God knew you needed it.

We needed it.

I needed it.

I can’t let the unknown keep me from being eternally grateful that God thought of you, us…of me in such a way that He would send someone so little, so precious and so amazing to save me from me.

How amazing He is…

Don’t let the holiday slip pass without acknowledging you are blessed. It may not be perfect. It may not be as you planned. But dear sister, or brother, if you are reading this…




Don’t let the holiday rob you of the opportunity to express gratitude for a gift we did not deserve but He did it anyway.

And if I don’t ever get another gift I’d be satisfied–now don’t tell my husband this. 😉

I am sending love from my heart and my family to yours. May God bless you and keep you.

I’m away on a little break and will “see” you again in January.

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  1. Marilyn 5 years ago

    Enjoy and receive the favor and rest assured 8n Christ 5he Holy One

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