Dear Curious Reader,

Have you wondered, “When is Dana going to update this blog?” No, yes, maybe…

If you have, this post is for you. And if you haven’t and you’re reading this sentence right now well…this post is for you too.

Have you ever lost heart and instead of questioning the situation you decided to bow out? To throw up the Baptist finger and exit the room. To say “oh to heck with it all”.

I have. Hence the quiet blog, the accumulating crickets and cobwebs in my social spaces.

I post from time-to-time to keep from completely being absent but those posts were more out of guilt. I know there are words and thoughts I’m to share with you. But sharing comes with a lot of baggage. Baggage I wasn’t quite ready to handle. However, I can’t shake the feeling to share so…here I am.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”center” variation=”teal”]It (the Word of God) has the ability to smooth out our rough places and make clear what was once so foggy.[/pullquote3]

Questions about Christianity

My site and blog are shifting. I pray it is for the better.

My hope is it will alter us both because there is something special about the written word and the Word of God. It has the ability to smooth out our rough places and make clear what was once so foggy.

But I must warn you. I’m not quite sure where this road will lead. I have an idea but I’m sure I will bump my way through the process. I will share my experience as I find my way.

I have been plagued with these questions:

  • What does God’s word say?
  • What does it mean?
  • How does it affect our lives today?”

From this comes many more:

  • What does it mean to be a Christian, right now, and not in namesake only?
  • What is our purpose as Christians?
  • What does it mean to be a disciple? What does it mean to make disciples?”
  • What does it mean to live a life honoring God? As a woman? Wife? Mother? And does my roles in life alter the answers?
  • What can I do to help others weather life while pointing them to Christ?

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”center” variation=”teal”]…anyone that really knows me knows it is difficult to stay stuck around me.[/pullquote3]

Real Life Questions

I tried blogging but it wasn’t interesting. The primary reason being I wanted to keep it “professional”. And to me professional is suit and tie for men and suit and hose for women.

**How many women actually wear panty hose anymore? I find the thought comical since I hear my grandmother in my head every time I try to wear a dress without them.**

But my feelings of what constitutes “professionalism” did not merge with some of the thoughts and questions floating around in this mind and heart of mine.

Think about it, when you prepared for an interview, whether for a job or school, what topics where you always told to avoid? Religion, age, marital status, race, gender and many others. Yet these topics affect our daily lives. These topics are at the heart of our greatest cries to God.

So instead I posted about books, in general. I would encourage but not go “all the way there”. I’d share my thoughts but not to the point of pushing you, not even a little.

And anyone that really knows me knows it is difficult to stay stuck around me. They know I ask hard questions. I don’t dance around the issues. No, I grab your hand, zero in and help you sort through the messiness to help you move towards freedom.

I enjoyed my prior posts but I think learning about the “blogging rules” (i.e., length, frequency, topics, format, etc.) sucked the life out of my message, which, left me uninspired and without a space to fully express myself and to wrestle with the tough questions—real life questions—that plague us.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”center” variation=”teal”]I want Christ-centered answers.[/pullquote3]

Seeking Christ-Centered Answers

Moving into the future I plan to blog regularly about topics that interest me. The topics will address the million little questions dancing in my head and heart. But I don’t want just any ole’ answer. No, I want Christ-centered answers.

As I do so, I hope my shared experiences will include:

  • What I’m reading;
  • What I’m studying;
  • What I’m learning;
  • What I’m speaking about; and ultimately
  • What I’m living.

This is not for the sake of merely recording, although that is extremely important, but also to help as many people as I can.

Dear Reader…

For now, I want to speak to the person still reading this post. I can’t say I will alway get it “right” but I am committing to always pointing to the answer: Christ. Again, I’m certain I will bump my way through this process, I’m human. But I believe the journey will be worth it.


Iron sharpens iron, and
one man sharpens another.
(Proverbs 27:17)


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