I have a dream tucked down deep inside of me. I’ve let her out, a time or two. But for the most part she stays hidden where I keep her safe.

I protect her from naysayers and negative comments. I shield her from criticism and unfortunately I hid her from myself.

My attempts to protect her meant I lost sight of her. Her likes, dislikes. Her goals. Her passion. I lost sight of the very part of myself that made me uniquely me.

How, oh how, did I let this happen?

My Dream Is Not a Hobby by Dana Pittman



Too many “no’s” tossed my way. They landed on my heart and decided to ride shotgun with my dream. She fought it initially, however, my shaky courage refused to make them leave.

So, they stayed. They chipped at her, slowly but surely, until I can’t feel her like I once did. But I want her back.

Read the full post over on Live Uncaged with Mary Demuth.


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