I kind of, sort of, talk to my bible. Not often. Well…maybe I do.

Patience | Dana Pittman

But I find it fascinating to question the people as a read. It makes them real to me. It makes their plights relevant. It makes my husband question my sanity…but hey, we are lifers. 🙂

He said “I do” and I’m holding him to it.

Studying Esther

Last night we had our third group discussion on our study of Esther. It was amazing.

We are in Chapters 5 – 7 and learning more than we’d care to about Haman and his evil plot to annihilate the Jews. Esther must go before the king unsolicited, the consequences could be fatal.


Yet, when the king sees her in the court she immediately obtains favor in his sight. He is all but at her feet asking, imploring, “What can I do for you?”

What she needs is Haman to back off? Her man the king, has the ability to make that happen. He is willing to agree to her requests. Yet, she just asked him to join her for dinner.



**This is when my talking with Esther begins.**

Dana: Esther, sis, are you serious? Why, if he is willing to give you “even half of the kingdom”, would you settle for wine and some chicken?

No, the bible doesn’t say wine and chicken but work with me. Wine was provided at nearly all the banquets and well chicken is usually a safe dish for all. 🙂

Dana: **In my best girlfriend voice…** Girl, you better tell him. Tell him!

Esther: Patience, Dana, patience. This matter is of importance. My people’s lives are at stake. I must have his undivided attention.

Dana: I hope you know what you’re doing.

Esther: The banquet is set and my guests have accepted my invitation. Now, we must wait…


Waiting when you want to move, to act, is difficult.

We will work our way up to the main events in life and fail to execute properly because we rush. We push and pull our way through, instead of waiting for the appropriate time to act.

Waiting to those around us can appear to speak to our mental state. That we’re afraid or fearful. That we are backing out.

Waiting can cause our hearts to race, our palms to sweat.

Waiting on God…

Waiting on God for me seems to amplify these feelings.

I’ve waited. I’ve prayed. I believe. I don’t believe.

I sit still. I pace the floor.

I wait for an answer. He’s silent.

I want to talk to myself at this point.

Dana: Dana, He’s faithful…just wait…

Dana: But things are getting worse. When will they change?

Dana: Dana, stop taking matters into your own hands…just wait…

Dana: Maybe He did not hear my request?

For the record, I’m not off my rocker.

Perhaps, I am the only person who struggles with patience. I know it’s a fruit of the spirit. But sometimes I believe my fruit is unripe–green–and in need of a little Son.


Yet after studying Esther I plan to view waiting, and patience, from a better prospective. Esther waited to present her case to the king at the banquet and through the night God began to move.

That evening Haman, pushed to the point of exasperation, decides to build a gallows to hang Mordecai.

That night the king unable to sleep learns Mordecai did not receive recognition for exposing a plot to harm the king. Thus, the king decides to honor Mordecai.

Haman would be humiliated by honoring a man, Mordecai, he sought to kill.

What a busy day?

This is totally my take on these passages. But how amazing is God?

In Esther’s waiting both men had taken their rightful positions for God to save His children. Their positions were necessary for the next scene to bend to Esther’s desire.

What desires cause you to have unrest? Is it your job, your children, your marriage? What situations in your life make you want to act immediately instead of waiting, patiently, on God’s timing?


At the banquet the king asked again…”What is your petition?” (Esther 7:2).

A couple of days before, he inquired into what was “troubling” Esther. I am sure the king wanted to rid Esther of the tears in her eyes and the strain on her heart. While waiting for the banquet I’m sure this contributed to his unrest.

Esther in response told him of what was ailing her. She asked that he spare her life and those of her people from “a foe and an enemy…” (Esther 7:6). And the king did.

Story Untold

I will not tell you the entire story. Oh no, you’ll have to read it for yourself. However, I’d like for you to consider:

  • How many times have you jumped the gun?
  • What was the immediate consequence?
  • Was there a lingering consequence?
  • How would you do things differently?


Question: How do you interact with scripture to make it relevant to your everyday challenges?

  1. Well, I was expecting a question like “do you have issues with patience too?” or “Do people think you are off your rocker?” but “how do you interact with scripture” has me scratching my head. I know that I often go to the word to find something that “fits” my situation, and God is challenging me to get the word inside before the challenges arrive. I think “be prepared” is a theme with me and God right now. Thank you for the thought provoking question and for the wonderful post on patience. I needed to “hear” it. I must be patient. There are many things right now that need the Kings undivided attention and I just have to wait on Him! 

    Psalms 37:23 says “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”  

    I just have to wait until He shows me where to step and wait for the details to unveil themselves. I know my Father is good like that! 

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      I threw a fast ball. LOL!

      I didn’t want to ask a patience question since I was probing in that last section. I’d rather you ask yourself and pray accordingly.

      Additionally, I find we would grow significantly is we interacted with the Word. See them as people. Their issues, as our issues. God’s responses, as our answers.

      Amen you and me both.

      – Sincerely…Patiently Waiting

  2. Princess 9 years ago

    Great post! I have conversations w/God all the time. However, I think my bigger or equal struggle for me is moving. God has given me the green light, I look both ways before crossing. & then stall. Lots of things cause me to stall…It is my hesitation, lack of momentum…other times it ispatience I guess..

    That said I search my heart & I ask God to remove anything that is not of him I.e. confusion,, fear etc. Then I move, even in uncertainty because I know if I keep my heart & mind centered on Hod he will direct and re-direct my path if I get off course.

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Thank you! Obedience (i.e., moving) is where the rubber hits the road. Staying in constant communication is great. Consider communicating with your actions as well as your heart. Remember faith without works is dead.

      I look forward to being a cheerleader and active participant in your future endeavors. 🙂

  3. Princess 9 years ago

    Typo, centered on God!

  4. Lois 9 years ago

    This is powerful stuff, Dana, and a reminder that I shouldn’t be so anxious to make things happen. God has everything under His control. He can do everything better than I can. All I have to do is wait on Him. That should be a relief to me! 🙂


    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      It should be a relief to us both. And it is. We are in very capable hands. Praise Him! :o)

      • Lois 9 years ago

        Yes, we are! 😀

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