My life is on hyper-speed. I am so full of praise. my cup runneth over. Yes…I am speaking in King’s English. 🙂

I have so much to share. But first be on the look out for a series coming with my friend Dayna Bickham. We met a short while ago and it’s been like connecting with a old friend. We share more than a name. I am excited about the series and our blossoming friendship.

Also, I may have a few days over the next week or so with more than one post. For my email subscribers, I want to warn you.

Jeff Goins started a series called 15 Habits of  Great Writers. This man is becoming a haunting presence in my life. It’s good but… I’m not quite ready to share as I’ve stated before. But I will soon.


  1. Marjorie 9 years ago

    Hi Dana, I too watched and hope for about three years but this year I stepped out and registered in faith. I can tell you pride made almost not ask for help but when I did people responded and I now have enough to pay my plane ticket, the rest I’ll pay off after I get back. But I want to say how much you encouraged me in confirming what the response of my sponsors was saying to me, “I believe in you Marjorie” So thank you and I hope I’ll get to meet you there. I’m coming on Friday morning from Toronto, Canada and so looking forward to meeting my sisters. I can truly say that God is truly amazing.

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Hello Marjorie,You’re coming from Canada? Amazing! Praise God for helping us get out of the way of His work. You’re welcome. I am glad to offer the encouragement. We will definitely have to find each other. Congrats to you! Dana

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  3. Marjorie 9 years ago

    Really Dana, you can’t sing? Well I beg to differ. Just had to come by for this encouragement today. Actually I just discovered this amazing worshiper last night. I’m going to listen to that song now. Hope to see you next Friday.

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Thank you. Singing is something I love. I wish I had more time to pursue…one day. 😉 Isn’t he awesome? Yes, let’s find each other and chat. Thanks for visiting.

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