Love is a tricky. It can take you to the highest highs…and the lowest lows.

Yet we live to experience it.

Even when we fib and say we can do without love….


Love Me Love Me Not by Dana Pittman

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What is Love?

We were created in love to receive and share in a feeling bold enough…grand enough to change the world.

We have read about love, experienced love, and we often run from love.

But what is it?

How are we to live it?

How are we to BE it?

What is love to you?

Some days I believe I got it. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend. I believe I extend love. I believe I have received love. I believe I know exactly what love is and then…

You know, something unthinkable happens. Life happens. You are moving along merrily on your way and the foundation in which you stand is somewhat faulty.

You bend down to run your fingers along the concrete and notice a crack threatening to destroy all that you know. Or all you think you know…


I Dropped the Baton…

While reading The Gospel of Yes I found myself thinking about my life goals and plans. My family has made some great sacrifices for me to pursue my dreams of encouraging women to LIVE their purpose.

I read Platform and immediately began to work. But along the way of blogging and online networking I believe I dropped the baton. Yet I was still running.

I am a casual runner. However, I know dropping the baton in a race is NOT a good sign.

I had hoped to be offering more coaching sessions by now…

I had hoped to be speaking more frequently by now…

I had hoped to be writing more by now…

But I’m not.

Dropping the baton stinks!

Telling you that I dropped the baton REALLY stinks. It’s embarrassing. But it’s the truth.

I am human. And at this point I am merely a dreamer turning my hobby into my existence. It is time for me to do more to make my dreams, my goals and my goals, my reality.


Starting Over…

This week I talked with a coach and he asked me about my journey. He asked about how I got from where I was to where I am.

My first step: Asking myself the hard questions and answering them.

My second step: Giving myself permission to have what I want.

As I talked with the coach for a few hours much of my life resurfaced. I walked away realizing I had to return to square one.


The Challenge

I stumbled upon a challenge starting on October 1st. The challenge is hosted by the Nester. It challenges participants to write 31 days on one topic.

I starred at the challenge and thought about my many commitments coming in October. I have Blogging Through the Book, Saturday’s Sister to Sister, and our weekly bible study. I am a wife, mother, runner, and….

My mind shuffled between the How’s…and Whys…and oh my goodness what in the world would I write about for 31 posts.

Do I have time? Urgh….

**Please insert the must gut-wrenching sigh here
as you pound your head on your desk.

But I couldn’t shake the timing of learning of this challenge. Especially after my time with the coach and my subsequent heart-to-heart with myself.

Have you ever experienced this feeling? If so, thank heavens!!! If not, just casually move to the next section and please don’t question my sanity. (smile)


31 Days of Love…

I am going to do it. I am going to write 31 days and I decided to start with love. I have many reasons for selecting this topic. I won’t go into details since I have 31 posts to fill you in.

Thus, starting October 1st I will begin…

31 Days of Love with[pinit]



It is Saturday’s Sister to Sister post. The title says it all Love Me…Love Me Not. I’m writing for us both. I've spilled my guts and since you have stuck around and read the entire post these questions are for you.

Do you love yourself enough to go for it?

Do you love yourself enough to carve out some space and time for your goals?

Do you love yourself enough to jump?


You can learn more about the challenge here. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on this writing journey.


Question: What dreams are you harboring? What dreams do you have that should transform from DREAMs to GOALs?


* * * * * * * * * *

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  1. Heidi Kellems 9 years ago

    Hey Lady I started a 31 day series as well! I am so nervous about challenging myself to complete it. Love is always a good topic to cover! Blessings

    • Author
      Dana Pittman 9 years ago

      Hey! Yes, I’m a bit nervous too. I want to dig deep but keep the posts coming. We’ll see. I plan to enjoy it and have fun. Take care!

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