Have you ever felt like the underdog? The person people are NOT betting. The person overlooked. The person they expect to lose.

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How long have you been a member of my extended crew? 🙂

I call my family, my crew, my fam…my peeps! And I consider YOU part of the crew, that is if you want to be.

Well, if you’ve been a member of my crew for a minute then you have seen me discuss 31 Days of Writing. I sometimes get it turned around and call it 31 Days of Blogging. Essentially, it’s the same.

Every October, “31 Days of Writing” host a “challenge’. Those of us crazy enough to accept carve out the month to write every day. Most chose to blog everyday.

As for me, I am blogging again. And after several failed attempts (FIRST and SECOND), I finally did it (THIRD)!!!

I plan to do it again.

As I prepped, I found a little nugget hidden in a past post. I want to re-share it. At some point we must realize that we are enough. And we were created with everything we need to be successful in this life. 

This does not mean you don’t have to work hard, study, train. But it does mean that our greatest limitations are usually self imposed.

I’ll share more on my selected topic. For now I hope you’ll enjoy…

The Cost of Fear

For much of my professional career I found myself being the only female and mostly the only person of color. Around lunch tables, dinner parties and the like it was always…interesting.

People were kind.

People smiled.

Yet I always felt like I had something to prove. I had to show I belonged. I had to show I was worth their time and efforts.

I know most of it was my fault.

Not the looks and comments. But my feelings of having to out work my feelings. I was angry. I was hurt. I was disgusted. I wanted them to get to know me because if they knew me they’d see who I am (instead of was). But fear descended like a thick fog.

I almost forgot…

I am not just a woman.

I am not just a Black woman.

I am not just a “double check” for corporate America.

I wear “underdog” like a badge of honor. 

I am a hard worker.

I loved people.

I love helping others.

I have a kind heart.

And I have worked for every opportunity extended.

Yet suddenly, my best was not good enough. …


I pray it will bless you.


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